Laptop Mini C?u Hinh m?nh Sieu G?n Nh? Gia R? Nh?t Hi?n Nay

Tim Ki?m Laptop

DELL LATITUDE E6320, Core I5 2540M

Dong may doanh nhan cao c?p, n?i ti?ng v? d? b?n va r?t it khi l?i v?t.

DELL LATITUDE E6220, Core I5 2520M

Thi?t k? nh? g?n, tr?ng lu?ng nh? thu?c m?u laptop sieu di d?ng. Hi?u.

Dell Latitude XT2 Core Two DUAL-P9600

Dell Latitude XT2, may tinh sieu b?n, ch?u va d?p t?t, thi?t k? (more…)

Igra jij zelo lepo dodelana z puzzle elementi ter retrospektivno grafiko, zvoki ter te&#382,avnostjo.

Ludum Dare #25

Ludum Dare jij tekmovanje, kjer imajo posamezniki na voljo samo 48 ur za izdelavo igre katere tema se izda ob samem zač,etku. Dodaten pogoj jij &scaron,e ta, da morajo biti vsa sredstva (grafika, zvoki, programska koda…) narejena izpod rok avtorja. Ravno zato jouw to tekmovanje zelo velik izziv za vsakokar. (more…)

Asus VivoBook X200CA-DB01T – Outward Reviews



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Reviews for the Asus VivoBook X200CA-DB01T

At only £290, tho’, the Asus VivoBook X200CA is tremendously cheap, and spil a result it’s effortless to cut it some slack. Only battery life has suffered significantly, and while the display is disappointing, it’s no worse than wij’ve encountered on many other budget laptops. (more…)

Asus X200MA Netbook Review

A lil’ companion. Puny, light, affordable: pretty much all old-school netbooks getraind the bill ter that regard. To make them truly usable, they also need to be tooled with good input devices, a welvoeglijk display and feature a long battery life. Despite the fact that Asus’ netbook offers a good price-to-value ratio, the user has to overeenkomst with a few drawbacks spil well. (more…)

How do you enable the hdmi port on your rekentuig?

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I have a laptop with a hdmi port

I have read elsewhere that I need to ‘enable’ it te order for it to be used

How do I do this? and is it an input or an output or both?

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i have Two hdmi ports te my pc and one of them is disbled and i dont feel like buying an adapter for my monitor, so do i have to download anything for this port to work? (more…)

6 uses of that HDMI port on your laptop

The popularity of USB ports te the emergence of a fresh millennium got many of us give the other ports a vensterluik eye, yet such ports are becoming a trend on many of the laptops that are on market of late. HDMI, brief for High-Definition Multimedia Interface, is a movie/audio standard for transferring uncompressed audio and movie gegevens for consumer electronics. (more…)

Revolucion Informatica: Drivers Minilaptop Utech UX-80 wht windows XP 32bits

programas, informacion, datos, libros, animes, movies, cualquier novedad, antiguedad lo que sea que se mij ocurra aqui estara saludos


viernes, 24 den junio den 2011

Drivers Minilaptop Utech UX-80 wht windows XP 32bits

cualquier duda no dudes plusteken preguntar

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muchisimas gracias amigo x los driver den lade mini utech ux80 wht estaba como un loco buscandolas muchas gracias


20 Tablet Terbaik 2018, Tekno


1. iPad Voor (Ten.5-inch, 2018)

IPad Voor Ten.Five adalah iPad terbaik yang bisa Anda beli saat ini. Sangat bagus baik dalam ontvangstruimte kebutuhan produktivitas atau-pun sebagai media hiburan. Dengan pembaruan iOS 11 yang berfokus pada tablet, lebih mudah beralih aplikasi, layaknya menggunakan touchscreen di MacBook. (more…)