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With the increase ter fresh miners on the web recently I thought it would be a good idea to have a central spot to send fresh crypto enthusiasts who are interested ter mining.

I want to keep this guide focused stringently on mining, see my other posts for general crypto skill which explains the basics (need to create this pagina still ?? – if you are interested let mij know what you want to hear about! ) . Other articles that would be of rente would be: Crypto Wallet Recommendations 2018, Useful Tips for Cryptocurrency Users and GPU Crypto Mining Equipment Proof of Concept

Okay, onward to mining!

A miner is an anonymous third witness to any transaction on the network. This anonymous third party has introduced the Triple Entry Accounting system which will revolutionize the Dual Entry system that most institutions use today.

  • Mining serves two purposes:
  • Miners search for the next block. Thesis blocks are used to sign transactions sent on the network. When you find a block, you are paid a set amount of the crypto spil a prize.
  • Miners verify transactions on the network against the current block. When a transaction is successfully verified, the miner receives a puny payment known spil the transaction toverfee. Transaction fees are paid by the users who send money on the network.
  • There are two predominate types of mining hardware:
    • Graphics card (GPU) – Thesis are identical to the movie cards you would use ter a gaming pc.
      • Alternative coins (aka altcoins – crypto currencies that are not Bitcoin itself) such spil Ethereum, Monero, and ZCash are mined with GPUs.
      • Ter an effort to prevent an ASIC from predominant mining, algorithms like Cryptonight (Monero), and Equihash (ZCash) are designed to be ASIC resistant. This will permit us to keep mining decentralized.
      • Application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) – Thesis are specialized types of equipment that can only be used to mine bitcoin.
        • Presently ASICs exist for Bitcoin (SHA256 ), Litecoin, Dogecoin (Scrypt), DASH (X11).
        • Spil the name ASIC suggests, an ASIC is designed for a single, specific application. That application is tied to the algorithm that the crypto uses. Bitcoin uses SHA256 which means that a Bitcoin miner is fully of ASIC chips that run the SHA256 algo. This means that you can only re-purpose a Bitcoin miner to mine other coins using the same algo.
        • Once a currency is mined with ASIC’s, an ASIC is the only logical option for mining spil a GPU will be magnitudes slower. The reason for this is due to the difficulty which I will explain ter a ogenblik.
        • ASICs are only available from a handful of suppliers, none from within the United States that I am aware of, and largely from China.
        • Profitability factors:
          • Difficulty – Spil hashrate (mining power) increases on the network, so does the difficulty. Spil difficulty rises it makes the security of the coin increase, and spil a result it will take longer to mine. This means when a fresh generation of ASICs or GPUs kasstuk the mining networks you can expect to see less profit than months te the past – Because the network hashrate is much greater than previously.
            • Difficulty is elastic and can (and usually does) decrease when a coins value falls. This is a result of miners mining a more profitable coin or (less likely) shutting down equipments all together.
            • You can view difficulty on numerous sites, my current dearest is . Be sure to compare the hashrate and difficulty graphs to see how they relate!
            • Power cost vanaf KwH. Use a implement such spil a Kill A Watt to measure your equipments power consumption then multiply by your KwH cost.
            • Value of coin you mine. Be sure to do your research and pick one with substantial development and promising technology!
            • If you are still with mij by now, you will have a welvoeglijk understanding of crypto and are ready to give mining a slok. Check out my very first mining equipment build for some tips on mining hardware, overclocking, and some gotchas!

              Miner Configuration

              Wij will be using the EWBF miner to mine zcash on nanopool.

              1. Setup a zcash wallet, for a brand fresh miner I recommend zcash4win. My postbode Crypto Wallet Recommendations 2018 will give you some options.
              2. Run the wallet to commence downloading the blockchain (happens automatically). While this downloads…
              3. Download EWBF – this is the mining software
              4. Samenvatting the miner, within the folder you will find the verkeersopstopping “miner.cfg”. Make that opstopping look like the one below
              1. For your wallet t-address, within your wallet, navigate to own addresses ->, fresh T (Semitransparent) address. The equipment name is not required but useful when you run numerous.

              Waterput YOUR t-address into your miner.cfg verkeersopstopping so it looks like so:

              Note: The reason wij run the miner from a batch opstopping is because if the miner crashes, the batch opstopping is still running and will loop on the “goto restart” statement which will cause the miner to be restarted. This only works if you have “eexit 1” te miner.cfg (uitgang on error).

              Make sure that you point it to the zindelijk directory for miner.exe and miner.cfg.

            • Run start_ewbf.bat and the miner should begin after the Two 2nd delay:
            • After your card gets a few shares – The “GPUX Accepted share…” lines, you will be queued to vertoning on nanopool’s statistics pagina at the next refresh which is every
            • Five minutes or so. You should check the status pagina to verify that you have setup mining correctly. Your status pagina will be located at a URL like: you just need to switch the t-address to your address. If you see activity on your pagina, you have setup mining correctly and will be getting payouts every .01 Zcash (ZEC) you mine. You can see how close you are to the payout on the status pagina. Once you get a payout it will be deposited into your wallet.

              Check out my mining equipment if you’re interested!

              Love and blessed mining! If you find this useful, consider a peak of whatever crypto you choose. I always recommend fresh miners send a very petite amount of money just so they can get convenient with moving crypto around, it is an awesome feeling!

              • Bitcoin: 1DqzpmcJ8QRFUHJKdPPWvT3gQPawj8oon2
              • Ethereum: 0x57Ea911dCC6BC5E8c31EB9Aa9908B2ac8bD10D20
              • ZCash: t1S2REP2ZZvq5vcjHpLBaCnR8bp2epGxW5h
              • Monero: 4AAzjw1Gjx69irFtNjHbCNGzgEqb1ckhA4JKEEgLQHW5Dn57RRndNhPNn19PMJN96MMkxLYD7b4A5UPrpkHnkbJHGHCyK3d

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