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1st Edition

te English, Russian, French, Spanish and German

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Geography is a system of very developed sciences about the environment. Geographical science embracing the examine of the Earth’s physical phenomena, people and their economic activities has always bot te need of an extensive terminology. Geographical terms are related to the terms of natural sciences (physics, chemistry, biology, geology, etc.) and humanities (history, economics, sociology, etc.) since geography is based on thesis fundamental subjects.

Geography includes a number of disciplines and subdivisions which appeared along with the development of the science Te spite of being very different geographical disciplines have some common devices of investigation which is maps, comparative method of exploration, remote sensing, geoinformation systems.

Today very well developed terminologies of all the specialist fields of geography and related subjects exist ter the main world languages. However, they are not always well-correlated. Nowadays geographical terminology requires unification and international correlation more than everzwijn before. Hence the idea of compiling a multilingual polydisciplinary dictionary.

The Dictionary consists of the basic table of terms arranged according to the order of the English alphabet with each term numbered. Each entry consists of the term ter English and its equivalents te Russian, French, German, Spanish. Brief definitions of terms are given ter English and ter Russian. The terms are supplied with the necessary grammar labels, such spil gender of nouns, plural number, etc.

The Dictionary combines two functions: that of a defining dictionary and that of a bilingual dictionary. Thesis two functions are basically contradictory because usually the defining dictionary is aimed at providing one meaning of the word which is the main and essential one, while the bilingual dictionary attempts to give different equivalents of a given word ter th

Key Features

  • Organized alphabetically via English
  • Provides brief definition of geographical terms te English and Russian
  • Includes multilingual translation of terms from English to Russian, French, German, Spanish


geographers, earth scientists, meteorologists, climatologists.

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