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How to Find the Magic Felslate Cave

Leystone Ore and Felslate Gathering te Suramar

But Gold Queen, I need lots and lots of ore, and I don’t want to bot.

Have no fear, the mining guide is here!

At this cave ter Suramar you can farm lots of

and you might get

When I say lots I mean lots

The best place to mine te the Violated Isles is te Suramar, on a cliffside, which also has the “Magic Felslate Cave”

The hillside looks like this

Just look at all those ore knots!

You can find the cave here, westelijk of Moonguard Stronghold, just next to the border with Val’Sharah

The area is populated with satyrs and nightmare grizzly bears.

You can also get highborne chests here, and farm starlight rose. Ideal if you are a dual gatherer.

What’s so fine about this Magic Felslate Cave?

  1. Lots and lots of ore knots spawn nearby
  2. Inwards the cave there are THREE ore seams
  3. There is usually one seam and one normal knot available ter the cave. If there is less than one normal knot te the cave, it means someone just cleaned it out.
  4. Outside the cave and above the cave is a very good concentration of ore knots
  5. By server hopping, you can create the illusion of ore respawning before your eyes, permitting endless farming without moving far
  6. Dependable ore knots

Felslate and Leystone Ore Farming Tips

  1. Farm during the daytime, or before/after raid time.
  2. Don’t farm after 2am at night, because the area is packed with bots, especially starlight rose bots, and there are less Suramar groups to use for server hopping.
  3. If there are a puny number of available realms, then take your time exploring each one.
  4. If there are lots of groups up te Suramar, and lots of realms available, then target the areas where the ore knots spawn the most
  5. Get hold of a good gathering addon. I’m presently using Gathermate Two, and my maps are available to patreon volgers through Legion Gold guide.
  6. Finish farming your own area/server before using server hop to stir to another sever. Otherwise when you come back you might find all your ore has bot taken!
  7. Look out for basilisks, living leystone/felslate that spawn from the knots. They give you toegevoegd loterijlot.
  8. If you are a dual gatherer, with herbalism, then you will be ter gathering heaven, with starlight roses spawning absolutely everywhere nearby. If you’re a skinner, kill and skin the bears te the cave.
  9. Look for the seams ter the cave.
  10. Look out for ancient mana crystals nearby, I’ve bot selling them for up to 1000g each on the Auction House!
  11. Not sure which server you are on? Druppel a cooking fire on the ground ter the cave of your huis area, and look for it when you hop.

Here comes the Tweetable

Ready to server hop?

Download the Server Hop addon spil part of my TGQ addon suite at Curse

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