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Four days ago “rlh” made a proposal for a Nxt mining pool.

Wij could setup a SHA-256 &, Scrypt mining pool. The pool can use the coinwarz API to determine which coin is presently most profitable and it could mine the most profitable coin at the ogenblik. HOWEVER, instead of distributing thesis coins directly to the miners, the pool forwards all mining prizes to an exchange, dumps the coins, buys up Nxt with the profits and then re-distributes the Nxt to the miners.

So, albeit onmiddellijk Nxt “mining” may not be possible, a mining pool for this purpose could help the entire community by providing an effortless way for people to obtain some Nxt (even if the amounts are petite) PLUS this should have a net-positive affect on the price of Nxt because the pool will be dumping other altcoins, and buying up Nxt.

The idea caught on te the Nxt Community, and ter a few hours, a bounty of overheen 120.000 Nxt wasgoed suggested.


You can point your scrypt miners at this pool. SHA-256 is added tomorrow.

The beta testing is now embarking.

stratum+tcp://hashrate.org:3008 for vardiff

stratum+tcp://hashrate.org:3032 for immobilized 32-dificulty shares

stratum+tcp://hashrate.org:3256 for immovable 256 difficulty shares.

username: your NXT id

password: whatever you want

I did not feel I should rush or make things any less translucent ter an effort to just attempt and optie the bounty soonest. I look forward to expanding the webpagina and making it much more accessible overheen the next few days to make it spil effortless to use spil possible for all of you. I hope to get both the internet facing stats webpagina spil well spil the SHA256 side of the pool both up fairly early tomorrow. The stats include total share / transaction / miner reporting. I will also be implementing the capability tomorrow to have numerous workers running using a single NXT account address. the very first duo payouts will likely be by hand (spil wij need to solve a few blocks very first) but after that they are entirely scripted te python to take advantage of cryptsy and BTER’s API’s.

So far there is about 8 MH of scrypt pointing at the pool, and it’s only bot up for less than an hour.


Scrypt and SHA-256 NxtCoin mining pool.

Just go to www.p00l.org . No need to sign up for private anything. Just waterput te your nxt address spil your username and it’ll work.

SHA-256 MINERS – stratum+tcp://p00l.org:3001/

SCRYPT MINERS – stratum+tcp://p00l.org:3003/


This release still has fairly a bit of grinding. Anyone is welcome but wij’re at an early beta stage and just took this on due to the NXT bounty suggested. So our release date wasgoed shoved up for the bounty and wij eliminated a few features.

Wij will be looking into adding other algorithms. Wij had scrypt-n support for awhile, but will be sticking with scrypt and sha256 for the instant future. If SHA-3 is an algo to maximize expected value vanaf hash, then wij will look into it when time permits. Unluckily now wij’re swamped with adding some more basic things. Then wij need to work on getting the flavor of the week coins up so that wij remain competitive on scrypt.

Boy that wasgoed prompt. The revolution will not be centralized. – It will be you. Now mine your own business. ??

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