Get Static

In case you are answerable for a site that gives even barely vital info, or vital providers, it’s time to get static.  I’m pondering right here of websites for locations like well being departments (and just about all authorities providers), hospitals and clinics, utility providers, meals supply and ordering, and I’m certain there are extra that haven’t occurred to me.  As a lot as you probably can, get it all the way down to static HTML and CSS and possibly a tiny little bit of enhancing JS, and pare away each byte you may.

As a result of too many websites are already crashing as a result of their CMSes can’t sustain with the visitors surges.  And too many websites are utilizing dynamic frameworks that drain cellular batteries and shut out individuals with older browsers.  That’s annoying and counter-productive in the most effective of occasions, however proper now, it’s unacceptable.  This isn’t the time for “nicely, that is as performant as our stack will get, so I assume customers should reside with it”.  Efficiency isn’t simply one thing to aspire to any extra.  Proper now, in some conditions, efficiency may actually be life-saving to a consumer, or their household.

We’re on this to serve our customers.  One of the best service you may render at this second is to verify they’ll use your web site or service, not get 502/Dangerous Gateway or a two-minute 20%-battery-drain web page render.  Every part ought to take a number of again seats to this effort.

I can’t let you know how greatest to get static—solely you may determine that out.  Possibly for you, getting static means utilizing very aggressive server caching and a cache-buster strategy to updating data.  Possibly it means utilizing some sort of static-render plugin on your CMS.  Possibly is means accelerating a deliberate migration to a static-site CMS like Jekyll or Eleventy or Grav.  Possibly it means saving pages as HTML out of your browser and hand-assembling a static copy of your web site for now.  There are plenty of methods to do that, however no matter approach you select, do it now.

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