The coins are ‘mined’ by computers solving ingewikkeld mathematical equations, once solved, a block of 50 coins is awarded to the computers which worked to mine it.

Billed spil the ideal Christmas present for the bitcoin user ter your life, the Neptune mining equipment claims to produce Two.1 coins vanaf day – meaning you’ll have $Two,000 worth by Boxing Day.

The Neptune mining equipment can samenvatting two bitcoins vanaf day, each worth $1,000. (KnCMiner)

Sweden-based KnCMiner is suggesting the Neptune mining equipment for $12,995 (?8,000), and while that may sound like a lotsbestemming for a rekentuig with hardly any components, bitcoin miners understand the machine’s potential.

The Neptune wasgoed primarily available exclusively to KnCMiner’s previous customers, who ordered $8 million worth of the fresh equipment ter 24 hours. Now available to the general public, the company expects the equipment’s limited production run of Two,400 units to sell out before Christmas.

Spokesman Ian Chaffee told IBTimes UK: “By KnCMiner’s own estimate, the Neptune can mine up to Two.1 bitcoins vanaf day. This is about a Three.5x improvement on the [old mining equipment] Jupiter, which could mine up to 0.6 bitcoins.”

Spil bitcoin’s value soared from less than $50 to more than $1,000 vanaf coin through 2013, request to purchase swifter and more powerful mining equipment soon became a flourishing industry te itself.

Bitcoin te a decentralised, virtual currency which is not backed by any canap and can be transferred anonymously inbetween any two users ter the world without a transaction toverfee. Bitcoins can be used to buy goods online – from pizzas to Cherry Galactic space flights – and can be converted into fiat currencies like pounds and dollars through various exchanges, such Tokyo-based Mt Gox.

The coins are ‘mined’ by computers solving sophisticated mathematical equations, once solved, a block of 50 coins is awarded to the computers which worked to mine it. The equation complexity is automatically enlargened overheen time – thus making mining slower – to combat inflation.

Soon, the Neptune will be incapable to mine the Two.1 coins vanaf day its makers voorkoop it is capable of, but by then manufacturers will have no doubt come up with even more powerful mining equipments.

KnCMiner CEO Andreas Kennemar said: “Wij have seen a significant increase te request for our line of machines from the last quarter to this one, unprecedented anywhere te the bitcoin mining industry.

“Wij’re now focusing on doing everything wij can to meet the request wij expect wij will proceed to receive, especially spil bitcoin’s popularity proceeds to soar.”

Te addition to selling $8m worth of equipments ter 24 hours, the company also boasts of shifting $600,000 of upgrade modules – it’s entire stock – ter under five minutes to customers looking to upgrade their mining machines.

Founded after the bitcoin currency experienced a massive boom and bust te April this year, KnCMiner has sold $45m worth of mining equipment to customers te 120 countries, spil it looks to become the market leader te what it calls a “digital gold rush”.

Such is the popularity of the bitcoin gold rush – and the enlargening processing power needed to mine – research by Forbes recently claimed the entire bitcoin mining network is 256 times more powerful than the world’s top 500 supercomputers combined.

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