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Vloermat – Crypto Mining Blog

All About BTC, LTC, ETH mining spil well spil other alternative crypto currencies Search Categories Latest Posts Linksom Posts Tagged ‘Vloerkleed‘ It Seems That the Mining ASICS Technologies Went Bankrupt The Dutch company Mining ASICS Technologies (Vloermat) is now insolvent (bankrupt) according to information wij got from our colleagues at Bitcoin Update.

Faire du gegevens mining avec Google: comment tromper big brother, Sciences communes

Par-delà le libre accès… Après Elsevier et Gallica, voici un nouvel épisode den moe série sur le gegevens mining. Cette fois-ci jij m&rsquo,attaque à L&rsquo,industrie majeure du web, celle qui fait figure den métaphore den l&rsquo,internet tout entier : Google. Ou, plus exactement, son service d&rsquo,indexation bibliométrique des articles scientifiques, Google Scholar (même si lesuur […]

Litecoin Mining on Mac OS X – ZeusMiner ASICs

Development Technobabble ASICs proceed to disrupt te the Scrypt mining toneel with both the GridSeed and ZeusMiner entrenched spil the current leaders. Ter my previous articles on Litecoin mining with ASICs I discussed the various GridSeed-powered devices. Te this article wij’ll be taking a look at the newest manufacturer to produce Scrypt ASICs — ZeusMiner […]

Security Risks of Mobile, Web – Desktop Bitcoin Wallets Vereiste Know

There are several risks associated with cryptocurrencies. Some of thesis risks are onmiddellijk, while some are zijdelings. Officieus risks are things like government regulations or some kleuter of geobsedeerd on cryptocurrencies. Rechtstreeks risks are things like carelessness with your private keys or using an un-tested wallet.

Quantum Computers – Cryptocurrency – Should Wij Be Afraid te 2018?

Quantum Computers And Crypto We’ve all heard and most likely used the widely known classical digital computers that encode gegevens into binary digits known spil pinnig, which could exist te just two states of 0 or 1 and functions with the aid of transistors, Quantum computing takes a different treatment: The use of qubits or […]

SegWit bei Litecoin: Steht diegene Aktivierung unmittelbar bevor? stropdas Blog für Bitcoin und andere virtuelle Währungen

Ob so oder so: Stropdas Protokoll-Upgrade SegWit steht bei Litecoin kurz vor einem Durchbruch. Chefentwickler Charlie Lee kündigt an, es zur Not vanaf UASF durchzuboxen. Maar womöglich ist halsdoek gar nicht nötig, da nun nach F2Pool auch diegene Bereitschaft zum Upgrade signalisiert. Damit erreicht diegene Pro-SegWit-Hashrate mehr indien diegene notwendigen 75 Prozent.