Spil Prices Soar, Graphics Card Manufacturers Appeal To Cryptocurrency Miners

You might have to wait to upgrade your graphics card. The enhancing popularity of the Ethereum cryptocurrency has caused “miners,” who essentially earn units of the cryptocurrency by having their GPUs solve sophisticated math problems, to buy out many mid-range graphics cards. Prices are rising, supply is falling, and now companies like Asus want to appeal directly to miners with fresh graphics cards.

Last week, the problem wasgoed mostly limited to AMD’s RX 500-series and Nvidia’s GTX 1070. It wasgoed nigh unlikely to find RX 500-series graphics cards anywhere, and the price of GTX 1070 graphics cards almost reached parity with the more powerful GTX 1080, which have bot mostly unaffected by the mining craze so far. The lower-end GTX 1060 also had its price inflated into the $250-$350 range, but wasgoed less affected, spil miners focused on the GTX 1070.

That switched. Now the price of many GTX 1060s on Newegg has risen above $400, even tho’ many retailed for around $250 two weeks ago. Amazon seems to have sold out of many GTX 1060s–popular models are presently only available from third-party sellers instead of directly from Amazon or from the cards’ manufacturers. This suggests that Amazon and OEMs have all sold through their current stock of GTX 1060s.

Most GTX 1080 graphics cards still emerge to be unaffected by the mining craze. That’s very likely because thesis graphics cards require more investment, and with the unpredictability of many cryptocurrencies, miners want to minimize their up-front investments spil much spil possible. The RX 500-series and GTX 1070 suggested the most schrikachtig for your buck, now it seems miners would rather lodge for GTX 1060s than splurge on GTX 1080s. There are some exceptions, tho’. Gigabyte used to suggest some of the least expensive GTX 1080s on the market, with one proefje dipping spil low spil $450 this spring. Now, some of the company’s GTX 1080s have sold out, while others have leaped up from their regular $500 price tag to around $600. If this trend resumes, wij will likely see the price on other GTX 1080 GPUs spike to similar prices.

The good news is that the shows up to be stabilizing. A few GTX 1070s have dropped te price–the EVGA GeForce GTX 1070 FTW Gaming ACX Three.0 is now $460 on Amazon instead of $500, like it wasgoed overheen the weekend.They still aren’t the best option, considering you can get better spectacle from a GTX 1080 without upping your investment too much, but they are available.

At least for now: Earlier this morning a Zotac GeForce GTX 1070 AMP! Edition wasgoed shortly available from Amazon for $400, but that specimen sold out before wij could write this article. Albeit thesis attempts to stabilize the market are a positive sign that OEMs are attempting to resolve the punt, the speed with which the $400 GTX 1070 sold out shows that wij are still far from a solution to the current GPU shortage.

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