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While wij are officially putting the blog out to pasture, Buttcoin is not dead. Wij still hate you all.

A duo of days ago someone ter our dedicated subreddit embarked a thread to create Bitcoin haiku. Ter typical Bitcoin style, wij’re stealing it all.

laughed. but who laughs last? (the one

who laughed at bitcoin.)

futuristic and secure

sorry for your loss

Every Bitcoin tale

Starts with, “Fuck you, got mine!”

Bitcoin price falls down

Hold the line! Trust Satoshi!

Tears fall, like your coins.

with eerie robot cadence

hi i’m roger veraf

hey, I liked your postbode

have a penny for your thoughts


To the Moon wij go

Oh no, the price crashed again

Back to Mom’s Basement

it’s that time again

please postbode the number for the

Not to be outdone, SA forums goons got ter on the act:

sorry for your loss

at least tulip bulbs

grow into pretty flowers

bitcoin’s just hot air

all this mining warmth

dries my strawberries nicely

help i have heatstroke

screaming, smug, howling, giddy, sad

fear pirate roberts

will rot for life ter prison

please send magazines

About Two weeks ago I wasgoed rummaging around a garage sale (spil I often do on the weekends) and found an old Dell laptop that wasgoed te fairly good condition and paid $50 for it. I’m fairly into tinkering with old electronics and such so before I reformatted the drive, I determined to go snooping. To my wonderment, It had an old version of bitcoin qt on it which contained about 61 btc ter an unencrypted wallet. At very first i thought i wasgoed could good to be true but I wasgoed able to transfer the btc into the wallet on my rekentuig with the help of a friend who knows way more about btc than I do. He wasgoed shocked spil well. Next week I project on selling about 1/Two of the stash on coinbase and use the money to buy a car. Am I a terrible person because i have no intention of providing any of the bitcoins back?

Now, before wij proceed, wij should point out the following:

  • 61 BTC, spil of Nov. 18th, is worth $23,040 dollars, at $377.70 vanaf BTC.
  • Ter California, Grand Theft is when property has bot taken at overheen $950. Wij’re using California spil a reference, because Grand Theft law switches from state to state. Legal Match pegs the average you’d need to steal spil somewhere te the $500-$1,000 range.
  • A Third Bullet Point!

But, hey! He is generous:

I did give my friend a few bitcoins for helping mij out.

  • That would make his friend an accomplice. Hey, that could be our third bullet point!

There is an incredible thread on r/Bitcoin right now on how Bitcoin clearly isn’t catching on through its 1 documentary, so the cult should spread the ‘Coin to fiction. Specifically movies, or, to, be more specific, heist movies.

THIS IS THE BEST BITCOIN IDEA, Everzwijn. They could do so many “Based on a True Story”-type movies, because Bitcoiners, spil a community, have bot scammed and stolen from uncountable times. I don’t even need to list examples like Mt. Gox or MintPal, just Google “Bitcoin Stolen”, and you get a list spil long spil long spil pi.

Because I’ve bot doing more digging for Bitcoin-related stories, I have certain sources I tend to go back to. One of them is /r/Bitcoin. It has bot one of the best catches sight of for researching anything I have everzwijn come across for a reporter such spil myself. It’s like the all scams, misogyny and bad ideas come right to mij! (But I look other places spil well, because I’m not lazy, like CNN.)

I have no real opinion of Reddit. I actually zuigeling of like it to be fair even however I personally never used it. It just seemed like some popular verbinding webpagina that had weird groups like the Bitcoin nuts te addition to being the homebase of the Fellows’s Rights movement. I got turned off by things like that and Adrien Chen’s article on Violentacrez but now, thanks to BTC, I’m back.

Across the time I’ve known of /r/Bitcoin I’ve figured it attracts a loterijlot of beginners wanting to learn about the ‘coin. Seems reasonable, right? It is the very first source listed te the “Keeping Up to Date” section on everyone’s dearest Bitcoin Starter webpagina, (now possessed by Butterfly Labs).

Te life, there are many things wij know wij don’t know. There are things wij know that wij know. There are known unknowns. But what wij do know is that there are 76% of Americans don’t have a clue what a Bitcoin is. Either they don’t know its a thing, or they don’t truly care. Ter the same survey linked above, 80% of people said they’d rather have Gold overheen Bitcoin, very likely because Gold is effortless to explain and, economically speaking, proven.

But what about those few who genuinely want to know more? What about the guys and women who are genuinely excited about such a interesting concept? Those who want to dip their toe into “The Currency of the Future”? What does the Reddit Bitcoin community, linked to by many of the most vooraanstaand Bitcoin introduction sites, do to help them, the newest of rookies, looking for the most “Up to Date” informatie?

The response is just harass them, evidently.

Te a Reddit thread where the Bitcoin community attempts an outreach program to understand why someone who understands Bitcoin would still have a negative view of it, a lone puny business possessor speaks up (now edited) and offers an insightful opinion on why he doesn’t think that Bitcoin is worth the trouble for his shop:

I am a business proprietor. My foot interaction with Bitcoin comes from Bitcoin missionaries.

Not a single Bitcoin missionary has come ter that hasn’t raised my ire. From being told that it’s “natural for older people to fear technology” (I’m ter my 30’s) to being told that Bitcoin will permit mij to make “real money”, it’s bot nothing but a condescending shitshow of buzzwords.

It doesn’t save mij money on credit cards. Don’t bother, I’ve walked through this with them before. But then they say “Well, what about POLITICAL reasons, hmm?”

If I’d listened to the kids who come into my store, I’d be locked into a bunch of $1000 coins lost ter Mt. Gox. Then, straks, I’d invest te that fresh business-minded canap, Neo Bee, which would help mij with all my commerce needs! Then, to top it off, I could get a Robochain ATM to further bilk my customers.

There’s a never ending swarm of condescending collegium kids attempting to pitch mij ideas that end ter disaster overheen and overheen. I’ve written about them before. Reminisce the entire “YELP LOVES BITCOIN!” thing? Yeah, I had to scrape those fucking “promo” stickers off my voort.

The thing is, like I said, Bitcoin doesn’t help mij. But you know how I hear about Bitcoin? From the same type of people that come te attempting to get mij to sign up for “United Electro Company TO SAVE BIG MONEY!” or “Totally not a scam ATM Company TO MAKE YOU BIG MONEY!”

And, like I said, it doesn’t help that I keep getting pitched ideas that fail. Plus, spil much spil you guys talk about how it isn’t about the price, you should connect to the guys handing out pamphlets business-to-business.

There is literally no difference te behavior from someone coming into my store attempting to scam mij, and the Bitcoin people. Same behavior, same pitches, same everything.

So now when an awkward kid dressed ter their dad’s ill-fitting suit come ins, dragging a acquaintance and pamphlets, wij play the following spel:

Watchtower or Blockhain?

Reddit, ter their ongoing effort to seem friendly to newcomers and help them understand the nuances of the technology and how it can better their lives, puts their best foot forward and react to common criticisms.

They call him a liar, a troll, and attempt the same tired schtick he’s just got done explaining that he’s heard a million times before.

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