The very best John Lewis deals for Christmas 2018, T3

Want the very best after-sales service you can get from a retailer? The John Lewis deals are right here with top deals on PS4, Xbox, Mac, PC, TV and audio

Britain’s favourite retailer always excels on Black Friday and Cyber Monday and into the Christmas deals period, suggesting to price match other high street retailers, and releasing a supreme bunch of online deals which you can browse through below.

John Lewis always has a bunch of offers on numerous domestic appliances spil well spil electricals spil well.

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The best John Lewis offers for Cyber Monday

Google Huis’s Assistant is one of the best AI helpers wij’ve attempted, letting you search the web, control clever huis devices and more. The Google Huis speaker is now £,50 off.

Not a fan of the fatter Google Huis? This Mini puck-shaped edition fits te the palm of your forearm, and offers all the same wise features. It’s now £,15 cheaper.

Feeling wise and sporty? This wearable is one of our favourites, comes with the Active Silicon tape option ter a dark grey shade, and knocks £,100 off the usual asking price.

Sphero’s BB-8 app-enabled droid fucktoy stole hearts when The Force Awakens came out, and now Sphero has turned its app-powered magic to R2-D2. John Lewis is slashing £,50 off the price.View Overeenkomst

Beef up your TVs audio with this all-in-one Bluetooth soundbar. Diminished by £,70, it has NFC built ter too, letting you lightly stream tunes from your NFC-enabled mobile device.

Now priced at just £,239, this muscled soundbar is tooled to enhance the sound of your movies and your mobile tunes with its built te NFC connectivity. Save £,60 for yourself here.

With £,50 off, thesis cans, suggesting wireless Bluetooth, Hi-res audio and NFC connectivity are a superb over-ear audio option. They’re noise cancelling too, keeping unwanted outward noise out.

Set the mood with three colour ambience bulbs for the price of two. You can control the Philips Hue bulbs through a mobile app, or any other wise device ter your huis.

You won’t find a better overeenkomst on this two-in-one laptop, with 4GB RAM and 64GB storage. It boasts an incredible screen and good battery life, making it utterly versatile. Get £,150 off today.

Take the fuss out of housework by leaving the slim iRobot Roomba to take care of your floors, with a multitude of brush goes and edge-cleaning devices.

The UE BOOM Two is one of our top-rated Bluetooth speakers, with good sound and waterproofing it making it a poolside dearest. Down to £,84.95, that’s a saving of £,45.

Want to feel like a Ghostbuster while doing the housework? This lightweight and versatile cordless cleaner from Dyson is massively diminished at the uur, down to a tempting £,179.99.

If you’re looking for a cheap 4K TV with HDR from a reputable name then this is a very welgevoeglijk suggesting from Samsung. 40 inches might not be big enough for your main TV, but this is volmaakt for a bedroom or spare slagroom

Stylish noise-cancelling cans for your iPhone – and for just £,159. Thesis are certainly worth a look, and a listen

Now this is a serious bargain. Dyson’s gear always comes at a high premium, but the AM09 &ndash, perhaps the finest fan on the market &ndash, is a whopping £,150 off at John Lewis.

Want surround sound without a tangle of wires? This Sony package offers Five.1 sound and NFC mobile connectivity with two wireless Bluetooth satellite speakers. It’s £,110 off.

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When are Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2018?

Black Friday is the Friday instantaneously after the US Thanksgiving holiday. That means the date for Black Friday ter 2018 is Friday the 24th of November.

Cyber Monday is the very first Monday after Thanksgiving, and after Black Friday. The date for Cyber Monday 2018 is Monday the 27th of November.

Many retailers have extended Black Friday from a day to a weekend, but others go even further and have a entire week of Black Friday deals. That week tends to start on the Monday instantaneously before Black Friday.

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Why Black Friday and Cyber Monday is a big overeenkomst for John Lewis

Before Black Friday 2015, John Lewis said it would be selling £,45 million worth of goods via its webstek, so just a minute of downtime would cost £,75,000 ter lost Black Friday sales.

It’s clear having such a concentrate on Black Friday has questionable benefits. John Lewis boss Andy Street told the Big black cock last year that “wij’ve got to ask if it’s right to concentrate trade so much te that one period… I don’t think wij can waterput the genie back ter the bottle but do wij need to stoke that fire any more? I personally hope not.”

The extended warranties, reliability and customer service you get with John Lewis makes it an ideal place to shop at this time of year.

Analyst Salmon reckons Black Friday this year will be the tipping point for mobile shopping te the UK and so retailers like John Lewis will need to pay special attention to their mobile sites to ensure uptime.

To give you an idea of just how busy Black Friday wasgoed, John Lewis – one of the UK’s largest retail websites – spotted its web traffic triple compared to Black Friday two years before. Currys reported similar numbers.

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