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#321 Oxudes

ne ve, kaj jou kumkvat.

#322 Te_Master

ne ve, kam bisexual sam s sabo.

#323 Smarnca

ne ve, kam bisexual sam s sabo.

tipi so sage 4x logi + 15x sacrilege paps grejo fightat 60 battleshipov. tud enga niso zgubil!, (ni to v videu)

#324 Te_Master

ne ve, kam bisexual sam s sabo.

#325 Hoewel Merko

ne ve, kam bisexual sam s sabo.

#326 Smarnca

ne ve, kam bisexual sam s sabo.

#327 Smarnca

ne ve, kam bisexual sam s sabo.

#328 Shenkey

tekmuje v snemanju. Kozce z glavce, se razume.

Spil of now, N3 supers and slowcats are forming and preparing to hop te, CFC is ready to go nut sack deep again.

Update: Local just hopped by 300, looks like N3 Supers and Archons have leaped te.

Stay tuned for hammer druppel.

Update: Hammer has dropped, CFC carriers leaped te and lit cynos next to the wrecking ball. Fear fleets have hopped ter. CFC super carriers and titans have leaped te next to the wrecking ball. N3 has hopped titans too.


An N3 Titan has just bot confirmed to be downed, fears are being ruined on both sides but at this point it looks like the CFC is winning. This will be a long and lagen packed bloodbath however.

Another update: At /u/minerforlife[Two] [Trio] [Four] ‘s request, this fight involves the major powers that have bot clashing te the Southern War: N3, consisting of Pandemic Legion, Nulli Secunda, Northern Coalition and others, versus the CFC and the Russian Bloc. The clash is overheen Pandemic Legion’s staging system ter the war, which accidentally dropped Sovereignty today after the possessor left behind to pay the bills. The CFC took the chance to go ball sack deep and commit their entire capital force, which they dreamed to do ter HED (but kinda borked it).

At this point, losses are pretty strenuous on both sides, with fairly a few fears and domis lost on the CFC and Rus side, and fairly a lotsbestemming of fears and carriers lost for N3, spil well spil a Titan, with one more to come soon. Local is at 1850. More updates spil they come.

Another Update: Another N3 Titan down. The Mittani is wetting himself with smug.

Update number whatever: Another N3 titan down, that brings the total to Trio. CFC has lost no supers or titans.

Fucking updates it’s 4am: CFC just lost their very first Titan, belonging to the leader of Executive Outcomes. He wasgoed confirmed to have DC’d fully, spil he wasn’t on comms. Meantime, Two more N3 Titans dead bringing the count to Four. And sorry for the lack of corp names for the dead titans guys, I’m afraid to open display informatie.

Four:20am update: Another CFC Titan has supposedly bot downed, a Ragnarok. Some people are telling he warped off. The 5th N3 Titan is about diegene, a 6th is going to go after shortly after. Right now the only thing indeed working is DD’s, Reps and other modules aren’t working. Lagen is getting much worse. Local is at 2151. DEAR EVE, IF YOU ARE NOT INVOLVED Ter THIS FIGHT PLZ DON’T DOG PILE INTO SYSTEM AND ADD MORE Lagen. LOOKING AT YOU, Courageous TALWAR FLEET.

9 dead N3 Titans now, losing count.

Another update: Local is at 2500, the lig is horrendous. Titan losses are supposedly at 15 or 16 for the N3 and 6 for the CFC, but N3 are consistently losing them. No supers lost, and strong fear losses for N3 with less for the CFC and Rus. Judging by the severity of the lig, I expect the knot to crap out soon enough. If not now, when the TCU onlines ter an hour or so, the knot will almost certainly crash.

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