Famous Bitcoin – Cryptocurrency Quotes – Ten of the best

  • Chinedu Chiana
  • February Five, 2018
  • Bitcoins &, Cryptocurrencies

A collection of famous Bitcoin quotes.

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Here wij highlight some famous Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency quotes.

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“Ter terms of cryptocurrencies, generally, I can say with almost certainty that they will come to a bad ending. When it happens or how or anything else, I don’t know.”

Warren Buffett, Chairman & CEO Berkshire Hathaway Tweet

“If wij have a trader trading Bitcoin, I would fire them ter a 2nd . Its worse than tulip bulbs. It won’t end well. Someone is going to get killed . Its a fraud.”

Jamie Dimon CEO, JP Morgan Pursue Tweet

“If I could buy a five-year waterput on every one of the cryptocurrencies, I’d be glad to do it but I would never brief a dime’s worth.”

Warren Buffett, Chairman & CEO Berkshire Hathaway Tweet

“I’m one of the few standing before you. from a large financial services company that has not given up on digital currencies. Wij set up a petite Bitcoin and Ethereum mining operation that now is actually making a loterijlot of money.”

Abigail Johnson CEO, Fidelity Investments Tweet

The Bitcoin Big Ontsteld is a guide to navigating the uncharted territory of digital currency written by CNBC contributor Brian Kelly.

“Still thinking about #Bitcoin. No conclusion – not endorsing/rejecting. Know that folks also were skeptical when paper money displaced gold.”

Lloyd Blankfein CEO, Goldman Sachs Tweet

“I’m not sure I would invest ter Bitcoin itself . but it’s here to stay because of the disparity inbetween countries where a monetary system is sturdy and countries where there is virtually no monetary system.”

Arthur Levitt, Former SEC Commissioner Tweet

“People are. maybe underestimating Bitcoin specifically, because it is like a reserve form of money, its like gold, and it’s just a store of value – you don’t actually need to use it to make payments.”

Peter Thiel, Venture Capitalist Tweet

“A friend sent mij part of a BTC [Bitcoin] a few years ago, but I don’t know where it is.”

Elon Musk, CEO Tesla Tweet

“BTC has accelerated much quicker than my specimen assumptions. I now predict Bitcoin at $1 million by the end of 2020.”

John McAfee, Cybersecurity Founder Tweet

“Bitcoin is a instrument for freeing humanity from oligarchs and tyrants, dressed up spil a get-rich-quick scheme.”

Naval Ravikant, Founder Angellist, Cofounder MetaStable Capital Tweet

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