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Gaining a better understanding of Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency ecosystem can be a daunting task. It is rather effortless to get perplexed by all of the information, and finding the right embarking point for your quest is not effortless. Gratefully, there are a few mainstream Bitcoin courses people can take advantage of. Most of thesis efforts concentrate on the US crowd, but international recognition is gaining traction spil well.

#Five Duke University

Back ter 2014, Duke University wasgoed one of the very first major US universities to launch a course revolving around digital currencies and Bitcoin. Under the name of Innovation and Cryptoventures, this course wasgoed trained ter Spring Term 1 and Two of 2015. Te 2018, the course wasgoed run again, albeit it remains unclear whether or not wij will see another of thesis courses ter 2018. If there is enough request for it, it is difficult to imagine why Duke University would not host it.

#Four Princeton

Princeton’s course of Bitcoin is aptly named “Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technology”. Following this course can be done through Coursera, a very popular for-profit educational podium. This particular course wasgoed turned into a book form, which can be purchased on Amazon at a rather affordable price. It is well worth checking out to get a better understanding of Bitcoin, the blockchain, and everything surrounding the cryptocurrency ecosystem right now. The course itself is still up on Coursera spil well, and a fresh “session” will embark on January 23rd.

#Three Stanford University

Similar to the other two universities, Stanford launched their course on Bitcoin and blockchain technology a few years ago. Under the Bitcoin Engineering umbrella, this is one of the very few full-time Bitcoin course available today. Its main concentrate is building bitcoin-enabled applications, spil well spil developing other programs that will strengthen the ecosystem. It is likely an MOOC version of this course will be made available straks on te 2018, according to the Stanford webstek.

#Two Fresh York University

It is becoming difficult to find a major US university not paying to Bitcoin and blockchain thesis days, which is a positive trend. NYU embarked their set of cryptocurrency classes back ter 2014. Unlike the other universities, NYU concentrates more on the legal side of things with their initial course. Several altcoins were highlighted during this course spil well, which talent people an idea of how vast the cryptocurrency ecosystem is.

Back ter 2015, NYU added a fresh course, called Digital Currency: Revolution te Money and Payments. Spil one would expect, the primary purpose is to give participants an overview of digital currencies, spil well spil mobile payment systems. There’s also a big concentrate on blockchain technology, regulation, and evaluating Bitcoin’s chances of success te the long run. For now, there is no further date for this class, albeit it strongly depends on how many people are interested, and willing to pay the US$Trio,800 cost.

#1 University of Nicosia

Perhaps the most vooraanstaand course, like the one suggested by the University of Nicosia. Ter fact, they are the only one to suggest an MS ter Digital Currency , which acts like any other university degree one can think of. Moreover, it is possible to take this course through an online toneelpodium, rather than having to travel all the way to Cyprus. Overheen Five,000 students have enrolled for the free MOOC via the years, and it is expected that number will proceed to grow overheen time.

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