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Who Will Steal Satoshi’s Bitcoins? – nopara73 – Medium

I woke up ter the middle of the night so I fired up Twitter and I encountered two well-known cryptographers’ conversation about quantum computing. Tim is one of the inventor of CoinShuffle[1]/ValueShuffle[Two] and Benedikt is a contributor to the Bulletproofs[Three] paper. Bulletproofs is a good addition to Confidential Transactions which is transaction amount masking.

PHP: serialize

(PHP Four, PHP Five, PHP 7) serialize &mdash, Genera una representacion apta para el almacenamiento den un valor Descripcion Genera una representacion almacenable den un valor. Esto es util para el almacenamiento den valores plusteken PHP sin perder su tipo y estructura. Para recuperar el valor PHP a partir den lade cadena seriada, utilice unserialize() […]