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How to install 360 2nd WiFi Adapter on Windows. Here i will demonstrate you the utter guide of 360 WiFi Access Point.

Step 1. Download the latest drivers of 360 2nd WiFi Dongle, once downloaded click Run “360freeap_whole_setup_5.Trio.0.1070.exe”.

Download 360 WiFi Driver

Step Two. After clicking ” install” this interface will emerge.

Step Four. The program is creating a WiFi network Now.

Network successfully created, please choose your preferred.

Step Five. Select an option and click “USE NOW” to use The WiFi.

Step 6. WiFi Network has bot created.

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Can this also be done using a macbook?

Sorry, can’t support Mackbook, thanks

How have you switched the language?

Sorry, can’t switch the language, thanks

I am incapable to make the downloaded driver work te windows 8. Can you help

After Installing driver I have run the installation, Every thing went ideally but, No WIFI signal found.

Hey does this support Linux

And can I use this to share files overheen wifi without Internet

how do i get the 10tb cloud? when i click on the button it ask mij to loom te using what?

can this be done using laptop?

how can i get it working on windows Ten

How to install the 360 Three can’t get working any ideas or tips

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