8 Idioms About Happiness That Make You Glad spil a Clam Infographic

Wij (English language learners) would like to speak English fluently. Wij learn English idioms and phrases, because they help us to become fluent te English quicker.

Today you can begin using thesis 8 idioms about happiness when you are blessed and want to share it with others. You will also find the examples with explanations of thesis idioms under the infographic.

[Tweet “Having a whale of a time: have a very good time, have an titillating or joy time”]

1. Having a whale of a time

  • How wasgoed your bday party?
  • Oh excellent, there were a lotsbestemming of friends, wij were playing games and dancing, wij truly had a whale of a time.

[Tweet “On cloud nine: very blessed, cheerful”]

  • I wasgoed very afraid of the history exam, and when I managed to pass it, I wasgoed on cloud nine, I invited all my friends to a drink te the local pub.

[Tweet “Tickled pink: very much pleased or entertained”]

  • I suggest picking some flowers for your gf. I’m sure she’ll be kittled pink and she won’t turn down your proposal.

[Tweet “On top of the world: feeling wonderful, glorious, ecstatic”]

Four. On top of the world

  • Since he wasgoed promoted to the position he had desired for ages, he feels glorious, he’s sitting on top of the world.

[Tweet “Happy spil a clam: very glad and comfortable”]

Five. Glad spil a clam

  • When hier parents left for holiday, she wasgoed blessed spil a clam staying alone te the house.

[Tweet “Buzzing: excited for something that’s going to happen”]

[Tweet “Over the moon: enormously pleased and happy”]

  • Do you reminisce how blessed wij were when wij very first stayed out for a night? Wij were overheen the moon.

[Tweet “In seventh heaven: te a very glad state”]

8. Ter seventh heaven

  • Real happiness is when you work for it. I’m sure you’ll be te seventh heaven when you get your very first salary and buy a scooter.

Do you know other idioms? Share them with us!

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