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Biostar With The Very first Official AMD AM4 Crypto Mining Motherboards

Just the other day wij were talking about some potential uses of AMD’s fresh AM4 motherboards for Ryzen to build multi-GPU mining equipments and Biostar evidently has already have a dedicated solution available. The motherboard manufacturer is attempting lately to get more gravely into the crypto mining business and build up larger market share by utilizing the latest lack of AsRock Voor BTC motherboards and other suitable for 6x GPU mining motherboards. Biostar is not fresh to the GPU mining toneel with their TB85 motherboard supposed to rival the very popular AsRock H81 Professional BTC and the more latest release te the form of Biostar TB250-BTC motherboard, both of which were for Intel-based platforms.

The two fresh BTC motherboards from Biostar meant for use with AMD’s AM4 platforms are the Biostar TA320-BTC with AMD A320 chipset and the very similar specimen with B350 chipset – Biostar TB350-BTC. Both motherboards feature 6x PCI-Express slots (single x16 and five x1 PCI-E) needed for building a six GPU mining equipment for crypto currencies and go with the nude ondergrens of reserve features that are not needed by miners anyway with the idea to make the price more attractive. There are two outward 4-pin Molex power connectors on the motherboards available, however you don’t truly need them if you are using powered extenders for the movie cards anyway.

Both fresh AMD AM4 motherboards (TA320-BTC / TB350-BTC) fully support all of the already announced and released AMD Ryzen Five and Ryzen 7 CPUs and should support all upcoming lower-end AM4 models that wij are expecting to see announced zometeen thus year. The problem spil wij have already mentioned is ter the fact that even the most affordable proefje at the ogenblik, namely the AMD Ryzen Five 1400 is still a bit more powerful and expensive than what crypto miners are used to go for their GPU mining equipments with Intel processors. Thesis two fresh motherboards will become much more interesting for miners when AMD introduces even more affordable Ryzen CPUs and especially APUs (with built-in graphics) than can make the cost of such a mining equipment much more acceptable when compared to the Intel-based alternatives.

Wij are waiting to see what the pricing of thesis motherboards will be when they kasstuk the market, tho’ considering their specific target and lack of toegevoegd features to make them attractive for crypto miners they should be pretty interesting price wise. Again the problem is with the price of the presently available Ryzen CPUs that at this point do not make thesis motherboards like they could become if combined with a more affordable AM4 CPU that can become available soon (hopefully). The other problem is the availability of Biostar products, again wij are reminding you that the brand is not spil widely available and popular like AsRock for example… it is not even available on many markets around the world. So even with Biostar already suggesting numerous Intel-based mining motherboards and thesis two fresh ones for AMD AM4 are also coming it is not possible for many miners to get their forearms on thesis products.

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