Best Cheap Laptops (Under $200) Ranked Best to Worst

If you’re on a taut budget, shopping for a system for your kids or looking for a secondary PC, you can find a solution with a cheap laptop that costs less than $200. There are some good finds ter this price range, but other notebooks suffer from poor build quality and usability issues that make them a bad overeenkomst.

To help you choose, wij’ve ranked some of the leading cheap laptops from best to worst.

Samsung Chromebook Trio

A fine value, the 11.6-inch Chromebook Three offers the brightest screen wij’ve seen on any laptop te this price range, hitting a strong 259 nits on our light peettante, where other sub-$200 systems fight to reach 200 nits. That luminosity permits for broader viewing angles and a much better web-surfing and movie-watching practice. Thanks to its 4GB of RAM, the Chromebook Three is also a multitasking champ, lightly treating a big array of tabs. Best of all, Samsung’s laptop lasted overheen 9 hours on a charge, which is more than enough of a life span to get through a schoolgebouw day. Since, spil its name suggests, this is a Chromebook, it’s good for kids and anyone who lives online. However, if you need the plasticity of Windows, you’ll have to look elsewhere.

Pros: Bright display, Long battery life, Good spectacle

Cons: Feeble audio, Bottom runs warm

Key specs: Intel Celeron N3060 CPU, 11.6-inch/1366 x 768 screen, 4GB of RAM, Two.Five pounds

HP Stream 11

It’s not flawless, but the HP Stream 11 offers the best combination of show and battery life wij’ve seen from a sub-$200 Windows laptop. Because the Stream 11 has 4GB of RAM, it’s able to treat multitasking or productivity better than competitors that come with only 2GB on houtvezelplaat. HP’s laptop also lasts a solid 8 hours and 23 minutes on our battery test. At just Two.Five pounds, HP’s laptop is also a excellent size for kids. Its bright lavender or blue color scheme will appeal to children (or the internal child ter all of us). This Stream’s 11.6-inch display is its fattest weakness, spil it is both dim (188 nits) and a bit washed out. The laptop’s keyboard is ge, however a little shallow, with 1.2mm of travel. However, a acute vooraanzicht lip could irritate your wrists if you attempt touch typing.

Pros: Strong vertoning, Good battery life, Excellent audio

Cons: Washed-out display, Acute vuurlijn lip

Key Specs: Intel Celeron N3060 CPU, 11.6-inch/1366 x 768 screen, 4GB of RAM, Two.Five pounds

Dell Inspiron 11 3000

Dell’s 11.6-inch Windows laptop lasted an epic 13 hours and 39 minutes on our battery test, which is way above the ultraportable-laptop category average (8:15) and the times from other laptops te this price range. This Dell also comes te vibrant crimson or blue color schemes (there’s a boring white option too), where the color is carried through the entire chassis, not just the piemel. At Two.Four pounds, the Dell Inspiron 11 3000 is also light enough for anyone to carry, even a youthfull child. The keyboard is shallow but provides a reasonable typing practice, and the touchpad is accurate, however a little stiff. The Inspiron 11 3000’s main drawbacks are its relatively dim display and a mediocre multitasking practice with the 2GB of RAM you get on the base monster. A 4GB configuration is well overheen $200, clocking te at $229.

Pros: Epic battery life, Colorful vormgeving

Cons: Dim, bland screen, Mediocre show (on sub-$200 config)

Key Specs: Intel Celeron N3060 CPU, 11.6-inch/1366 x 768 screen, 2GB of RAM, Two.Four pounds

Dell Inspiron 14 3000

While its 11-inch sibling, the Inspiron 11 3000, is a superb sub-$200 laptop, Dell’s 14-inch budget notebook has too many flaws for us to recommend it. The Inspiron 14 3000 suffers from the dimmest, dullest screen wij’ve seen te a long time. Its panel managed a horrible 135 nits of brightness, 117 points below the 14-inch laptop category average. The Inspiron 14 3000 also has the worst spectacle of any sub-$200 laptop wij’ve tested recently, spil it displayed lagen even during ordinary tasks such spil opening the commence spijskaart or launching YouTube movies. The machine’s keyboard is remarkably shallow, suggesting only 0.8 millimeters of vertical travel (1.Five to 2mm is typical), 20 procent less than Dell’s smaller laptop. Wij also witnessed evidence of poor build quality, the interior of the penis rippled under our touch.

Pros: Long battery life, Solid audio output

Cons: Very dim screen, Shallow keyboard, Poor show, Flimsy build quality

Key Specs: Intel Celeron N3060 CPU, 1366 x 768/11.6-inch screen, Trio.8 pounds, 2GB of RAM

iRulu Walknbook Two

You don’t find many 2-in-1s that cost less than $200, so at very first glance, the iRulu Walknbook Two looks like a excellent overeenkomst. However, this Ten.1-inch detachable has a lil’ keyboard that’s so awkward that it’s practically unusable and an erratic touchpad that treats gestures unpredictably. This machine’s low-end Intel Atom processor and 2GB of RAM give it awful vertoning. Even with just three tabs open te our browser, the Walknbook Two gasped.

Cons: Awkward keyboard, Inaccurate touchpad, Powerless spectacle

Key Specs: Intel Atom x5-Z8350 CPU, Ten.1-inch/1280 x 800 screen, 2GB of RAM, 1.26-pound weight

Tips for Choosing a Sub-$200 Laptop

  • Chromebook or Windows Laptop? Chromebooks are plain and secure, and they usually have long battery life. Windows Ten laptops run a loterijlot more software and work better offline.

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