Best Laptops Under 20000 Rs: April 2018

All laptops priced under 20000 rupees, come under the ‘budget’ category. Performance-wise you can’t expect too much from thesis laptops, but most notebooks that wij have listed below, should be able to perform almost all the basic tasks.

Some buying tips for laptop purchases below 20000 Rs:

1. Unless mentioned, all the laptops that wij have listed will be able to run the latest version of Windows 8. Wij recommend that you either get a laptop with a ondergrens of 4GB of RAM (memory) or if it comes with 2GB, upgrading it to 4GB after your purchase would improve the spectacle fairly significantly.

Two. Almost all laptops below 20k will permit you to browse the internet, run office applications, play low-end games and also support movie / music playback. Do note that multi-tasking i.e running numerous applications or opening too many fresh tabs te your browser will slow down your laptop. If you need better voorstelling and multitasking, increase your budget and buy better laptops!

Trio. All the ‘Under 20k laptops’ come with integrated graphics, which also means that you won’t be able to play high-end games or do movie editing. Wij could run Adobe Photoshop and do some basic picture editing without any issues.

Four. Some laptops come with a licensed version of Windows 8. Others come with either DOS or Ubuntu, which means you either need to buy a licensed version of Windows or install a pirated copy (wij discourage piracy!)

Five. If you purchase a laptop with Windows 8, it can be upgraded to Windows Ten for free!

Wij recommend thesis laptops for Students and Office work. Popular applications that should run slickly on all the laptops are Microsoft Office (includes Word, Excel, Powerpoint), Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Adobe Photoshop, VLC Player etc. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask them ter the comments section below.

1.HP APU Quad Core E2 – Rs 19500

  • Display: The 15.6 inch display with 1366 x 768 pixels resolution offers high quality picture
  • CPU: Considering the price, the AMD APU E2 processor clocked at 1.8 Ghz is blazingly swift and doesn’t lig
  • Storage: 500 GB Hard disk is more than sufficient to store files
  • RAM: Comes with Two slots which has 4GB RAM installed te it and is more than sufficient for daily use. It can be upgraded to 8GB RAM.
  • USB: Comes with Three Ports Two x USB Two.0, 1 x USB Three.0 which is a massive advantage.
  • Keyboard: The keyboard is well spaced and has a utter number padachtige. It’s comfy to use for long hours.
  • Battery: The laptop comes with Four Cell battery and lasts for more than Five hours.
  • Graphics: Comes with AMD RADEON R2 graphics which is good for gaming. Games like Crysis Trio, Battlefield, Dota Two Reborn, Need for speed Run, Call of Duty MW3 can be played sleekly without any lig.
  • Light weight (Two.Nineteen kgs) and portable vormgeving!
  • Speakers : Good speakers, the sound is noisy enough.
  • Comes with optical drive (CD/DVD)
  • Price: At Rs 20000 it’s good value for money
  • Supports HDMI port
  • Operating System: Comes with DOS pre- installed, it’s good for browsing and daily use but other than that you cannot use it for office use, You will have to install Windows Ten.
  • Touchpad is not that sleek and responsive.

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