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Its HD support might not be up to much and the touchpad’s annoying, but the high-resolution screen makes this a desirable choice.


Ten.1 ter 1,366×768 display, 1.4kg, 1.66GHz Intel Atom N450, 1.00GB RAM, 250GB disk, Windows 7 Starter 32-bit

Netbooks are flawlessly good for basic internet and office tasks, but are usually incapable of playing high definition (HD) movie. To overcome this some manufacturers have fitted their netbooks with HD-capable graphics chips, but thesis can shorten battery life.

Dell has taken a different route with its Inspiron Mini 1012 netbook: it has a 1,366×768 10in screen and a Broadcom CrystalHD decoder for playing HD movie.

The good news is that the Mini’s battery life is far superior to netbooks fitted with Nvidia’s HD-capable Ion graphics chip. It lasted just under nine hours ter our light usage test, so it should be good for a day’s work.

The bad news is that the Mini often struggled with HD playback. Albeit playing a Blu-ray movie or streaming HD movie from YouTube and Big black cock iPlayer wasgoed originally sleek, the movie quickly dropped frames during fast-paced act sequences, becoming choppy and unwatchable. Wij suspect the verkeersknelpunt is the 1GB of system memory installed te the Mini, which is only just enough to run Windows 7 Starter and a duo of basic applications but insufficient for consistently sleek HD playback.

Annoyingly, while the 1GB stick of RAM can be substituted with a 2GB module, you have to take the entire netbook exclusief, which is difficult to do. It’s a shame that Dell didn’t provide access to the memory through a removable panel, spil with the majority of netbooks.

Spectacle ter our other tests wasgoed spil wij’d expect from a netbook. The 1.66GHz Atom N450 processor managed an overall score of 15. This laptop’s fine for basic office and internet jobs, but you’ll want something swifter for more processor-intensive tasks. Graphics are powered by the processor’s integrated Intel graphics chip, which isn’t capable of playing games.

Wij found it a little strange that this netbook only has an 802.11b/g wireless adaptor, rather than swifter 802.11n. It means that opstopping sharing on your huis network could be slow. It’s good to see Bluetooth built-in, spil it makes it possible to tether your phone to the Mini 1012 for 3G internet while you’re out and about.

Even tho’ movie might not be ideal, it’s still nice to have the 1,366×768 screen resolution, spil it makes using numerous windows and applications lighter compared to the standard netbook 1,024×600 pixel screen. It’s bright too with good tegenstelling and reasonably accurate colours. Viewing angles are pretty good, too.

The Mini 1012 feels rigid and sturdy. It also looks very stylish. The standard proefje comes with a black piemel, but for an reserve ?35 on the price listed above you can get it te a range of colours.

Wij found that the keyboard wasgoed very comfy type on thanks to the responsive keys that have just the right amount of terugkoppeling and travel. The touchpad is disappointing. Albeit accurate, it’s very puny with the buttons built into its lower left and right palm corners. This makes certain deeds such spil dragging and ripping off icons far more difficult than they should be.

Albeit the Mini 1012’s HD playback wasn’t what it wasgoed cracked up to be, the high-resolution screen and welvoeglijk battery life still make it a fantastic choice, provided you can live with the annoying touchpad. Alternatively, the Toshiba NB305 or NB300 netbooks have better battery life and are lighter to us, albeit they have standard 1,024×600 screens.

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