ETHER BASICS, The best Ethereum Mining Graphic Cards

Ethereum Mining Gaphic Cards

What do I need to know about Ethereum Mining graphics cards?

The graphics card (GPU) is the engine when it comes to mining. Here you should pay particular attention to hash vertoning, energy consumption and acquisition costs. A balanced ratio of hash power to energy consumption voorwaarde be found. For the Mining ter the general AMD (Radeon) the Nvidia (Geforce) graphics cards are preferable, since the AMD graphics cards are better to mines.

If you do not build a special mining equipment, you vereiste consider the dimensions of the graphics card. The PC tower should have sufficient space and large amounts of fever can be lightly derived. Since the graphics cards run at total flow you also need a suitable power supply. Check the motherboard for a sufficient number of suitable slots for the graphics cards. The Z170 PROFESSIONAL GAMING I7* and the Z170M EXTREME4* of ASRock e.g. opoffering space for up to 6 graphics cards (1x PCIe x 16 and Five x PCIe x 1). For the PCIe x 1 connections, you will need the PCIe adapter 16 x to 1 x*.

The Ethereum Mining Rekenmachine and Profit Zakjapanner

Before acquiring a Mining graphics card you should have an overview of the possible income and RoI (Come back on Investment). With an Ethereum Mining Rekenmachine thesis values ??can be calculated taking into account energy costs and possible pool fees. Since the development of the Mining Difficulty and the Ethereum Course can not be foreseen, this is always a snapshot. A Mining Rekenmachine gives you an initial assessment and can better compare different graphics cards. Wij use the Ethereum Mining Rekenmachine and Coinwarz’s profit zakjapanner.

Choice of Ethereum Mining graphics cards

Ter our Solo Mining and Pool Mining Guide, wij use two gigabytes of Radeon R9 290 graphics cards. Both graphics cards have bot ter use for more than Two years. They were used for Scrypt and Ethash based coins. But mainly for the Ether Mining. Together, the two R9 290 graphics cards provide a hash power of approximately 50 MH / s for Ether Mining.

Wij have checked out alternative graphics cards for you. Since wij did not test the graphics cards ourselves, the values ??shown may differ.

Pick your beloved … Ter the following wij display you a selection of the graphics cards, which wij have loved during our research:

Hashleistung: ca. 12 – 15 MH/s

Grafikspeicher: Four GB

Leistung: ca. 60 Watt

Hashleistung: ca. 23 – 26 MH/s

Grafikspeicher: Four GB

Leistung: ca. 122 Watt

Hashleistung: ca. 25 – 28 MH/s

Grafikspeicher: 8 GB

Leistung: ca. 128 Watt

Hashleistung: ca. 25 MH/s

Grafikspeicher: 8 GB

Leistung: ca. 150 Watt

Hashleistung: ca. 22 MH/s

Grafikspeicher: Four GB

Leistung: ca. 290 Watt

Hashleistung: ca. 46 MH/s

Grafikspeicher: 8 GB

Leistung: ca. 500 Watt

Hashleistung: ca. Legal MH/s

Grafikspeicher: Four GB

Leistung: ca. 200 Watt

Hashleistung: ca. 23 MH/s

Grafikspeicher: Four GB

Leistung: ca. 175 Watt

How long can you mine Ether?

Please note that the final level of Ethereum (Serenity) provides the transition from Proof of Work (PoW) to Proof of Stake (PoS). After this, no more ether can be mined. Unluckily, there is no precies date for the conversion. You can find an overview of the different stages of Ethereum development here: The Milestones of Ethereum.


This summary is not a purchase recommendation. Before you buy, you should independently research by yourself. Since wij have not tested the cards ourselves, all information is without assure.

The hash spectacle and the power requirement of a graphics card can be influenced by various factors. Thesis include e.g. The chosen parameters for the ethminer or the CONF verkeersopstopping. Also the used Catalyst driver can influence the hash voorstelling. It is not recommended to use version 16.Three of the Catalyst driver, since here the hashrate should be diminished by 30%. Many miners still use version 15.12. But here, too, you have to research yourself to achieve the best possible result.

Learn more about the Mining ter our tutorials about the Ethereum Solo Mining and Ethereum Pool Mining.

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