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Mineski rounds out the ESL One Birmingham onmiddellijk invites

Mineski have received the final ongezouten invite to contest at the ESL One Birmingham Major.

Fnatic places pld on bench ‘temporarily’ spil Adam steps te for StarLadder Invitational Five

Fnatic has made the choice to ‘temporarily’ eliminate pieliedie from the active lineup, substituting him with team coach Adam for StarLadder Invitational Five.

Vega substitute LGD at StarLadder ImbaTV Invitational S5

Vega Squadron answered the call to substitute LGD Gaming on such brief notice spil they withdrew from StarLadder ImbaTV Invitational S5 merely days before the commence of the event.

SophoS’ NA Sphere: StarLadder Invitational Five predictions

SophoS’ NA Sphere prediction: OpTic Gaming will stir past an early uitgang from the main event at DAC, and with dwindling DPC point opportunities, start their final shove to qualify for The International 2018.

Mineski substitute Virtus.voor at MDL Changsha Major

Virtus.professional have withdrawn from MDL Changsha Major scheduled for next month and have bot substituted by Mineski.

DAC 2018 negative Effect, Organization dissipates

Effect Gaming has called it quits after fighting to find significant results during the last Legal months – including two bottom finishes te Professional Circuit 2018-2018 events.

Mineski make history spil the very first SEA team to win a Dota Two Major

By winning their very first tournament ter 6 months at the Dota Two Asia Championships 2018, Mineski secured 750 Dota Professional Circuit points, $370,000 te prize money and fourth place on the DPC Rankings.

ViCi Gaming bestowed a ongezouten invite to ESL One Birmingham

The ESL One Birmingham lineup is beginning to take form spil ViCi Gaming has bot granted rechtstreeks access to the event with an invitation to the very first Dota Two Major held te the UK.

LGD head to their very first major grand finals at DAC 2018

LGD Gaming head to the grand finals of DAC 2018 to face Mineski – to contest for their very first DPC championship title.

Mineski advance to the Grand Finals of the DAC 2018 Major

Mineski made history spil the very first SEA team ter the Grand Finals of a Dota Voor Circuit Major by powering through the only Chinese team left rivaling at the LAN.

Virtus.professional plow through the lower brackets at DAC 2018

Virtus.voor reject to be taken out of DAC 2018 spil they overpower Vici Gaming and then outlast TNC Gaming.

Team Liquid will be on webpagina at ESL One Birmingham

Team Liquid has accepted the fourth invitation to ESL’s last major of the Voor Circuit 2018-2018 Season – ESL One Birmingham.

Mineski and LGD prevail at DAC 2018, Liquid and VG fall to the lower bracket

The SEA team secured a top Four finish at a DPC LAN for the very first time te two months while the last Chinese representatives te the Upper Bracket advanced by defeating the TI7 Champions.

NA teams down and out at DAC 2018

The North American teams, EG and OpTic Gaming, were eliminated ter the unforgiving best-of-one lower brackets of DAC 2018.

The Pudge Arcana Arrives and it’s Bloody Magnificent

Last year’s TI7 Arcana vote winner, the long-awaited Pudge Arcana, arrives ter The Feast of Abscession Update.

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