GW2 List of Mastery Abilities from Closed Beta

An updated list of Mastery Abilities from Heart of Thorns closed beta.

Special thanks to Dimix Sqoma for sending the screenshots. Detailed screenies are taken from MrIgnavia on reddit.

Switches from the previous Mastery Capability list (press demo)

  • There is now a fresh interface for Mastery abilities and the Mastery points for each category have bot diminished.
  • Exalted Lore and Sliding lines have bot reworked

Heart of Maguuma

Exalted Lore

Itzel Lore

Nuhoch Lore

Mushroom Lore


Verdrag Tyria

Fractal Attunement Mastery

Legendary Precursor Crafting Mastery

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the legendary precursor worries mij,so wij have to collection precursors now :(,welp just got Kudzu’s pre so 1/a lotsbestemming ??

You unlock a collection with fountains of various junk including non voorwerp things, which prizes you with a BoP precursor.

Albeit there could be a collection: Get all Precursors.

Just for joy but not what is connected to mastery points.

If everyone can craft his own Legendary Precursor , I think the TP price of Precursor will be lower. so unless you want to make a Legendary now , no reason for collect precursors now. maybe even sell them all when the price still good.

The only reason you may want to get more than one Precursor is the Twice-Told Legend achievement.

Those collections are not for collecting precursors. They are for *creating* precursors. There will be a collection for each precursor. Ending the collection gives you the associated precursor.

Frog Languages, Bouncing Shrooms and Slipping … damn this spel is gonna joy to play when you’re high (????)

I have seen Mushroom Guys running around at some point . . . I . . . . . I think!

The one regret I have from not getting into beta is not knowing what items will be required for those damn collections. Wij all know there’s profit to be made ter there.

The beta didn’t give that information.

Those precursors should be account corded or soulbound, they daid something about them.

But maybe the items te the collections to get them won’t be, which is what Raz is getting at. So he can horde existing ones and manipulate the market.

What I recall is reading somewhere that the precursor can be sold. But you can only craft one (or one of each type? ) vanaf account.

can sliding be used at everywhere te gw2?

Only the HoT zones

What build can reliably apply Searing and Poison? Engi? Necro?

Revenant mace wagen attack applies 3-4 seconds of poison and skill Two is an AoE burn.

Engi, Necro, Ranger and Thief can all poison.

Engi, Warrior, Ranger, Guardian and Elementalist can all burn.

All classes can do it if they build for it.

my guess is that poison will be covered with the homebrewn itzel poisons that unlock at that mastery tier spil well. otherwise mesmers with their random conditions and warrior who only got burn on bow would be screwed a bit. all other classes should be fine anyway.

hm so if wij get a mastery point every lvl, then maxing out the tracks wont actually be that long? o.O

Or are mastery points not one vanaf lvl?

nope evidently they’ll be longer to lvl : (from 3rd reply on there’s terugkoppeling on exp needed to lvl one masteries). Of course, I guess, “numbers are not final” ??

not a mastery point vanaf level. What happens (spil of last nights beta) is you activate a mastery track and your exp points goes into that. When its utter, you can then spend a mastery point to “claim” that track. You get the points from completing the very first story section, mastery points ter the world (work like current skill points) things like that. Some of the tracks say 1/Ten. or things like that. While I didnt get to that point, my guess is that you pack the buffet and then spend your point, pack ->, spend ->, pack ->, spend etc. but this relies on the fact that you have claimed mastery points from various content. It seems that if you dont have any mastery points, you can still pack kroegen, but you cant rechtsvordering that particular line, until you spend your mastery point. If you dont spend the mastery point to voorwaarde that line or you dont switch which line you are training, then any extra exp you build up from events or killing stuff after you have packed your presently activated mastery line gets lost ter the “mists”

i thought the skill points including their challenges are made into points for abilities/traits/specialisations and the experiencebar converts into masterybar. so, a level equals a masterypoint after hitting lvl80, but no extra skillpoints each level.

Two different things. at least thats how i understood it.

no you are right on the skill point part. I wasgoed just telling that there were some mastery points te the verdant brink sitting te the world like current skill points sit te the world. You go up to them, channel for a minute and build up a mastery.

The mastery track thing tho’, wasgoed something I specifically payed attention to because a guildie asked mij to. You didnt build up a mastery point when you packed your exp buffet, you gained the capability to spend a mastery point when your xp folder wasgoed packed. So the progression wasgoed like this (spil I recall). if you didnt activate a mastery track, your exp brochure didnt budge. Activating a mastery track (costs nothing) dumps xp gained into that track. When the track is accomplish, xp gained stops going anywhere because that line is total. You open your mastery panel and use a mastery point gained through some sort of completion to essentially voorkoop that track completion. you can then proceed with that mastery category or switch to a different category (like going from sliding to mushrooms)

so wij will just lose exp if wij dont instantaneously spend the point? hope it isnt like that at all. question however. you think that wij will get any toegevoegd points for already having, say, world completion done? cause if you could normally get the points from doing that zuigeling of thing, doesnt seem fair to limit a toon cause you played a lotsbestemming.

1) at this point, that is how it functioned. I permitted a mastery track to max out and then did a little more stuff before spending the mastery point on that track. When I did, the next mastery track began at 0. So, xp wasgoed wasted. Now, I should have thought to test this at the time, but it appeared spil however you could max out a line te each of the listed mastery tracks without spending points (if you didnt have them). So, you could max out 1 sliding line, then interchange to mushrooms an max one there, then switch to exalted and add one there etc. but if you maxed a line ter everything without having a mastery point to spend, then you would be stuck. I mentioned this is my terugkoppeling postbode on the forums. I understand not permitting xp to stack up te the mechanic they are attempting to create, but suggested a buffer of about 10% of a level to voorkant the end of an event. But do read my other response below. Dont confuse mastery points with the mastery xp tapkast. You can have a large pile of mastery points to spend, but you can only actually spend a point after you pack the xp brochure.

Two)Yes. They already said that current content will provide mastery points such spil ordner completions ter individual maps and that if you have already ended that content, you would see those mastery points the ay of release. I could also see (however its unconfirmed) some mini dungeons and champs that previously talent traits to retroactively give a mastery point on release. however, since the masteries are divided into fresh and old tyria, you wont be able to spend any of those ter slipping or mushrooms. You will also need to spend time ter old tyria to max out the mastery line te order to spend the points you have amassed.

You have to pack the tapkast THEN spend the mastery point? I wasgoed expecting the other way around. This order seems a bit strange.

yea, the order does seem a little awkward and I expected exactly the same thing going into the beta. But if you think about it, this would mean that you can progress a track while lacking mastery points, or, waterput differently, you can progress a track while working on getting the next point. At the beginning this wont be a big overeenkomst since there are a duo points right spil you go into the fresh area, but wij dont know how many will be needed te total or how much their difficulty will progressively increase. Wij do know that having some masteries unlocked will be necessary to even obtain some of the other mastery points.

ah, so presently wij can’t gather points then determine how to spend straks =(

are there Two tracks active at the same time? (one for when you’re ter HoT, other when you’re ter old tyria)

No, you can gather up points all you want at the end of the beta, I still had Two unspent mastery points waiting for my mastery track progression to pack. its just that you have to pack the folder before you spend a point, so you cant stockpile and buy numerous lines ter the same category at once.

Now, I didnt test this, but it looked spil however you would be able to pack up a line te slipping and one te mushrooms and one ter itzel lore etc without spending any mastery points, you just wouldnt get the benefits of those lines OR be able to progress that category further until you spend points.

For the 2nd question, yes, it appeared to be (and is what they explained somewhere I leave behind where) that you had Two lines active at once. One for fresh and one for old tyria. I had precursor crafting spil well spil mushrooms active at the end of the beta. Of course, precursor crafting never progressed. (however I dont know if it would have if I had farmed mobs ter silverwastes. I might have to attempt that next time).

So, because thesis are different, things wij can keep ter mind. There is absolutely no way to farm mastery points now for masteries te the oerwoud. However, wij know that things like ordner completion will give mastery points (they stated this) for old tyria. Thesis will be account based so completion of, say, the lions arch schrijfmap on Two characters will only everzwijn give the one mastery point. But wij wont be able to actually spend thesis points without progressing the mastery xp tapkast. So while wij can stockpile points, wij wont be able to voorwaarde giant amounts of masteries on day 1.

Thanks =D very informative. I wasgoed under the impression wij only need to farm points then add them to w/e track to lvl them up, but I guess they added ter the packing of mastery track so wij couldn’t max out so quickly. (and more people actually doing events)

“I wasgoed under the impression wij only need to farm points then add them to w/e track to lvl them up” this wasgoed the case te the very very first stress test and ter the demos. I think this wasgoed the case because te the stress test what they were doing (but didnt tell people) wasgoed actually testing the fresh condition stack system besides having a very limited gameplay area. Because of this, they desired to get lots of people into the wyvern fight without worrying about masteries so they turned off the buffet packing system. Same with the demos, but they turned it off there because people only got 30 minutes.

Honestly, its still a little clunky inbetween the semantics being used and the way the UI is set up, but the basic mechanic is sound.

So te other words a lotsbestemming more grinding I suppose? Hmmm…I indeed want to be excited for the xpac, but I’m not so sure.

So most of thesis “masteries” are just glorified keys to unlocking basic spel mechanics, and passive buffs with shoehorned necessity (like agony).

I thought this wasgoed supposed to be their solution to character advancement without resorting to fresh level caps and equipment tiers. There’s nothing here that actually advances the character, thesis don’t switch the character ter any way. They’re just installing a fresh wegens wij have to walk through Spending points to get better mining results? That’s a mechanic that already exists on every other ordner, except instead of collecting and spending points all wij have to do is buy a higher grade mining device.

Thesis aren’t character advancements, they’re just keys to fresh doors that lead to rehashed concepts.

I would like to read an example of what kleintje of character development you would like to see instead. Mind that this is a MMO and not a single player campaign, so the possebilitys for active character development are limited by vormgeving.

“They’re putting access limitations on elements of the opbergmap and calling the unlocking of that access character advancement”

The problem you discribed can be applied to every spel, te fact it is the very nature of games. Designed confinements/rules you have to overeenkomst with te order to succeed.

Thing here is, if they would liquidate this mastery mechanic and make every fresh thing on those maps usable to start with then this fresh content would get repetitive way swifter, thus less “content”.

At least now you have a step by step advancemet, a purpose, the feeling of sucess while experiencing the switches/improvements for your character te activity while exploring the oerwoud.

I’ll give you an example. The mining mastery. Essentially all it does is give you a better chance of getting higher quality results from mining knots ter HoT.

But this is already a concept the spel uses, te every other opbergmap, from day one of the spel. Except all wij had to do wasgoed buy higher grade mining instruments. Now you have to go around collecting mastery points and then pump those points into mining. It’s exactly the same concept spil before, but made more tedious.

They’re taking basic ideas-even ones that already exist te the spel ter less convoluted ways-and dressing them up with buzzwords to attempt to woo us that it’s actually progression instead of what they indeed are: lateral moves hidden behind a point wall.

Thesis “advancements” are nothing more than superficial language. Even the ones that actually have an effect on how you play are just contextual passives that only matter ter certain circumstances. They don’t make the character any more viable, and they don’t switch the way you can play. They’re just pasting fresh names on old concepts wij already have, making them more tedious, and they have the nerve to call them upgrades and expansions.

Even the most talked about example, slipping, is ultimately meaningless. What is sliding for, anyway, but getting to another area of the ordner? Same with the mushroom leaps. They’re just glorified elevators.

It doesn’t matter how nicely they paint the doors they’re putting up if what’s behind the doors is just the same stuff wij’ve already seen for Trio years. There’s nothing fresh, here. It’s all just more and more forms of currency to buy more and more of the same. More lumps of keys to unlock more chests that you have to find with more shovels. More tokens you have to collect to turn ter more for more tokens you have to collect turn ter for more tokens, ad infinitum.

Every bit of hype about this expansion has bot about upgrades, character advancement, and player customization and choices. But it’s all just buzzwords. The upgrades and character advancement are entirely lateral. And the player customization is actually being LESSENED by the fresh trait system, which eliminates options and leaves you with fewer choices.

It’s all marketing hype. They’re either delusional about the actual efficacy of their switches, or they’re just straight up lounging to sell more copies.

Tho’ a lotsbestemming of your points seem to be a onberispelijk analysis, I’d you’re a bit too much on the “negative” side.

Wij don’t truly expect a shitload of brand fresh revolutionary mechanics te the MMO-gaming industry, well, I don’t at least.

The Mastery System might truly be some artificial trick to expand the longevity of the content, they could spil well cut it.

Anyway, I don’t think they deserve so much hate, sure it isn’t such an titillating additief, but you diabolise it too much for what it is.

I’m a lotsbestemming more worried about the quality of the fresh maps, stories, events and elite speccs, than their fresh “exploration gagdet system”.

And I don’t think wij can truly judge their content before wij lay our palms on it, so please, druppel the tinfoil hat, and ease off …

the masteries will limit some content, but isnt everything ter a spel just different boundaries on content? I mean. You have to be level 35 to do AC explorable. Thats an artificial limit. Having level 80 mobs te a schrijfmap right next to a level 15 schrijfmap (silverwastes/brisban) is an artificial limit because of how level is factored. What I spotted te the beta wasgoed a very high quality ordner with good events and good use of their zweem system. There wasgoed an event that anyone could participate te with 0 or more masteries. but having mushrooms and glider just at level 1 made you able to participate so much better. Ter just the Four hours of beta I played I wasgoed able to get slipping 1, mushrooms 1 and be half way through another mastery line. Just unlocking the initial 1-2 levels of a duo masteries wasgoed enough to open up alot more playability and keep you busy te that part of the opbergmap for a while because of just how dense an ingewikkeld the schrijfmap wasgoed.

Very first off, perhaps you should talk about a real Mastery, and not some made up one…no where I have I seen a Mining Mastery spil being even remotely suggested…and perhaps you should truly learn about how the Mastery systems works before criticizing it…since it shows up you’ve only glossed overheen the actual mechanics of it.

its true this is a bit disappointing te light of their talk of character advancement, but i dont think its going to be fairly so bothersome. i think working to get te good with local tribes is a nice touch, and this system helps to ease you into the newer mechanics such spil slipping, while also forcing you to get familiar with the region.

Your doors te hallway analogy reminds mij of how Anet implemented the traits unlock, where they used to be unlocked automatically spil one levelled up. I could kinda see how they attempted to ‘improve’ content by getting mij to run all overheen the world and into the Mists (kill the Overgrown Grub? No problem!). It wasgoed joy doing it on my 4th character (the very first three were created before the trait unlock system). But repeating the same for 5th, 6th and 7th character wasgoed painful.

Ter principle, I don’t mind having to work towards unlocking certain abilities to enhance opbergmap exploration and play practice spil character development. It most likely will expand my practice of the spel, make mij do things I won’t otherwise attempt. And it hits ending the expansion content ter a few hours and feeling it’s not worth it. But I do hope the mastery system is going to be account broad.

On a somewhat unrelated note, I wish the expansion would include less intense maps where one can just run around loving the scenery, something like Timberline Falls. Wij need more of those R&,R type maps. You know, where you’re not going to be crippled, poisoned, immobilized or tormented every other step by some random spiky carnivorous plant bits…

With HoT you will very likely have things falling on you from the canopy too.

Officially stepping off the hype train and back to Ten sec daily logins for chests. This pittance of content is so shite……I don’t see how a houtvezelplaat of devs can meet and actually budge forward with some of this stuff.

Wij want Fresh dungeons.

Wij want Fresh fractals.

Wij want Fresh challenging content/world bosses/guild raids or 10-15 man dungeons.

Wij want REWORKED current world bosses/dungeons with worthwhile drops.

Wij want worthwhile drops period.

Wij want MF to actually work.

Wij want progression AFTER lvl 80 (thesis mushroom and language ‘masteries’ are a joke, look at the d3 paragon system and draw ideas from that or something…)

I guess wij are getting a fresh class and legendaries, but Wij WANT NEWS on that!

Heer forbid wij actually request worthwhile content for our money

what money? the B2P proefje ? you arent paying a subscription mate, youre fortunate strijdperk netwerk is even doing anything with gw2, they dont have to give us anything, wij arent paying any sub for it, be glad were even getting anything

no u r wrong, most of gw2 gamers PAY…and its rly big contant for all that skins etc…and it can be more than sub vanaf month, but ur right u dont have too, but i can say 90%ppl do it.

Every single thing your dumb bootie listed is te the xpac. rofl Fuckin nerds on the internet. You’ll bitch about anything without doing the decent legwork before you open your mouth.

Please go read a book. AKA look at the feature list for the xpac. Not some lil’ lifted mastery list from a restricted closed beta that had most of the features hidden/disabled.

Is it confirmed anywhere that there will be fresh dungeons or fractals?

@ Christopher : please go buy brain . your comment is so …. worthless. Where do you see ‘fresh basement or fresh fractal’ .

If wij look at Anets past treatment to introducing fresh systems into the game… they always start by introducing the “bones” of the mechanic… let it play out for a while… tweak it… then start adding deeper levels… refining at each step

I have bot playing GW2 since the Beta Testing… and I have seen them do this consistently… The version of GW2 that very first shipped wasgoed a very stripped back version… hardly any features… overheen the very first year… Wij all observed them… form it up… then they began with living story… megaserver… etc…

The spel is so much more refined… polished… rewarding… and content rich now… than it wasgoed at the beginning… and at the brink of the very first expansion it is set to become even more so… They have said clearly te the HOT promos… that the Mastery system will evolve overheen time… spil will specializations… thesis are just the basic masteries that will get us commenced with the expansion…. and Im sure more and deeper systems will come te time…

I agree that thesis masteries are a far sob from what i wasgoed expecting… I thought some would be like this and some would expand my character ter some unknown way… but tbh… with the fresh trait system… the separation of traits and stats… spil well spil the fresh elite specializations… Im sure wij will feel like our character has evolved… I know my ele is getting some serious fresh abilities out of all this

I understand the criticisms… but i dont take such a dire view… this mechanic will bring a loterijlot of switches to the game… I think if wij give it some time… the team will supply some very pleasant surprises… just a thought ??

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