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Give your media archive the big-screen treatment

Your laptop, phone or tablet offers the flawless medium for watching movies and other media on the go. When you’re at huis, however, your big-screen TV rules the roost for a good reason. Why make do with squinting at your mobile’s cramped display when you can &ndash, with the help of our guide &ndash, hook it up to your telly, wirelessly or with cables? Read on to detect everything you need to know.

How do I connect my mobile or laptop wirelessly?

Thesis days, it’s lighter and cheaper than everzwijn to connect to your TV wirelessly, eliminating the need for any unsightly (and awkward) trailing cables. If your flat-screen TV is a brainy proefje with support for DLNA media streaming, then you can send movies, photos and other media files directly to it without the need for any extra hardware &ndash, just locate the right app on your TV to receive the content.

You’ll then need a suitable app for your laptop or mobile that permits you to send or stream content using DLNA. There are ordinary, relatively unsophisticated solutions such spil AllCast for iOS and Android &ndash, this lets you display locally stored media spil well spil media hosted on another local DLNA server or te the cloud via supported services (including Dropbox, Google Drive and Instagram).

If you’re serious about streaming media, then a full-blown media server solution is worth considering:Kodi is an open-source solution that offers basic media server capabilities and works on everything except non-jailbroken iOS devices.

Alternatively, take a look at either Plex or Emby. While Kodi bolts on basic server features to its fancy looking pui end, thesis waterput the media server gevelbreedte and centre. Install the desktop server component to stream content from your laptop, or purchase the adequate mobile app if you want to use it with your phone or tablet.

What wireless device can I buttplug into my TV to stream media and mirror my display?

If your TV isn’t brainy enough &ndash, or you want to be able to mirror your device’s display on your TV &ndash, then you’ll need to purchase a wise opbergruimte. There are two main choices here, both of which butt-plug into your TV via a spare HDMI port. If you’re exclusively wedded to the Apple ecosystem, then the Apple TV 4K permits you to stream media spil well spil mirror your MacBook or iOS mobile’s display on the big screen.

Alternatively, Google’s Chromecast is cheaper, and works across a broader range of devices &ndash,Windows, Linux and Android spil well spil Mac and iOS. You can stream media from your mobile using a range of supported apps, and you’ll be pleased to learn that both Emby and Plex are supported.

Chromecast works on laptops via the Chrome web browser and Google Personages add-in. Once installed, click the Personages button to the right of the Address Tapkast to choose what to personages and where. By default, the contents of the current tabulator will be sent to your TV, so if you’re looking to stream media you can do so by accessing your server’s web-based UI through this tabulator &ndash, it’s ter the case of Plex for example. Any media you subsequently play back on this tabulator will then show up on your TV.

Click the down button to the right of ‘Personages this tabulator to…’ and you’ll see two further options: ‘Personages this tabulator (optimise for audio)’ is for playing music through your TV, while ‘Personages screen/window (experimental)’ is there should you wish to mirror all or part of your laptop’s display. Once selected, you can choose to display a selected application window or your entire desktop on your TV.

What do I need to physically connect my laptop to my flat-screen TV?

If you’d choose to go down the cabled route, all flat-screen TVs suggest at least one HDMI port, spil do practically all non-Apple laptops that have bot manufactured ter the last eight years &ndash, HDMI is the best solution spil it supports both audio and movie (HD and beyond). All you need therefore is an HDMI cable to connect the two.

You could spend a petite fortune on expensive HDMI cables, but the truth of the matter is that for HD movie transmitted from your laptop, any HDMI cable will do. You can buy ideally functioning, gold-plated cables for under £,Five (and spil little spil £,Two) from the likes of Screwfix, Maplin or Amazon.

How do I connect my MacBook to my flat-screen TV?

The latest MacBook models require a USB Type-C adapter to connect them to your TV. Apple provides a Digital AV Multiport Adapter, but if you want a elementary USB-C to HDMI connection at HD quality, you can get away with a more affordable Muuranker USB-C to HDMI Adapter.

MacBook Airs and MacBook Pros ship with Thunderbolt ports that dual up spil Mini DisplayPorts. This permits you to skip right past adapter to simply having a USB-C to DisplayPort cable. Just make sure it supports 4K resolutions like the Cable Matters USB-C to DisplayPort.

What cables do I need for older laptops and TVs?

If you don’t need HD movie &ndash, you’re connecting up to an older CRT television, for example &ndash, then the best option is to use the S-Video port. It doesn’t provide High Definition (HD) quality, and only carries the movie signal, so you’ll also need to meet up a separate audio cable &ndash, typically from your laptop’s Three.5mm headphone jack &ndash, to the audio inputs on your TV.

Your TV will need one of two things: either separate S-Video and phono audio ports, typically found on the vuurlijn of the TV, or a SCART socket found on the back. You’ll then need to purchase an S-Video cable of suitable length along with a separate audio cable. If necessary, purchase a SCART adapter to connect both sets of cables to your TV.

What’s the alternative to S-Video?

Spil analogue technologies become depreciated, modern laptops increasingly ship without an available S-Video port. If this is the case, you’ll need to use the laptop’s VGA port instead. This is a practical solution if your flat-screen TV has a VGA port included &ndash, a standard VGA cable coupled with an audio cable (see above) will be sufficient. You may even be able to view HD content this way.

If you’re attempting to meet up to an older analogue TV, however, then it becomes less feasible. You’ll need an expensive VGA to TV Converter opbergruimte that costs almost spil much spil a budget HD Ready 19-inch TV with the required VGA port built into it.

How do I connect my laptop to my TV?

Connecting your laptop to your TV with the right cable is often only half the battle. You also need to switch your TV to the onberispelijk input, plus configure your laptop or MacBook to re-route its display through the TV. This may toebijten automatically, but if it doesn’t &ndash, or you want to configure the display differently &ndash, read on.

PC laptop users should be able to cycle through the available display options using a special function key te conjunction with the [Fn] button. Keep pressing this to cycle inbetween laptop display only, TV only, and laptop and TV together. Alternatively, right-click the desktop te Windows 7 or 8 to select screen resolution, from here you’ll be able to by hand detect and select your TV’s display.

MacBook users can configure the display via System Preferences: select Displays followed by the Orkestratie tabulator (click Detect Displays if it’s not present). Tick Mirror Displays to waterput your TV flawlessly ter sync with your MacBook’s display spil opposed to acting spil an extension of it.

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