How to Root the LG G2 (All Versions) – Rooting Tutorial

By rooting (aka gaining admin rights to) your LG G2, you can not only uninstall bloatware, install a custom-made ROM and run rooted apps, but also undervolt or overclock the processor for better battery life or voorstelling once a custom-made recovery is developed. Thanks to a developer on XDA, there’s an effortless program to help with this process ter a few brief steps. Here’s how.

1. Download the LG USB Drivers and install them on your laptop.

Two. Navigate to System Settings >, General >, About Phone >, Software Information on the phone.

Three. Keep tapping Build Number until it tells you are now a developer.

Four. Enable USB Debugging under developer options. You can get to developer options under System Settings >, General >, Developer Options.

Five. Butt-plug ter the device via USB and let the drivers install.

7. Download the rooting implement from the developer’s pagina here ter the very first postbode.

8. Samenvatting all files from the zip to a folder on your hard drive.

9. Dual click the root.bat verkeersopstopping and go after the prompts ter the program.

Ten. Unplug the phone from the laptop when prompted.

11.Toggle USB Debugging off and on and then ass-plug the device back ter.

12. Succesnummer come in on the laptop and wait for the program to finish rooting the device.

You should see Superuser te your app drawer if all went to project.

David Cogen is a founder of, the popular webpagina for rooting, jailbreaking, hacking, modding, and other how tos to vertoning you how to unlock your device’s true potential. They even have a popular ROM repository. Check out for all your Android, iPhone, and Windows Phone how tos.

Worthless for Spurt LG-G2. Don&apos,t waste your time. (Wij don&apos,t have an unlock for this Spurt OTA version yet. Your phone is running LS980ZvVI)

accomplish waste of time not helpful at gets stuck at a point.

My phone (lg g2 D800 at&,T) failed to root and is not turning on anymore. could someone help? it is just displaying Firmware update (do not unplug the USB connection until the process is finished). it has Two days that doesn&apos,t switch anything.

It seems the Verizon VS9803AA update cannot be rooted with this instrument yet. Can you help mij with a workaround? I have switched to T-Mobile and need to do some modifying before my LG G2 will decently work on the GSM network.

Cant get it to work.

Te step 12 it tells mij this:

maount: Operation not permitted

Failed to copy &apos,su&apos, to &apos,/system/xbin/su&apos,: Read-only verkeersopstopping system

Incapable to open /system/xbin/su: no such opstopping or directory

Incapable to open /system/xbin/su: no such verkeersopstopping or directory

maount: Operation not permitted

But still no rooted phone

sorry its not working with mij

How long does this generally take? I&apos,ve bot sitting at *daemon embarked successfully* for fairly a while now.

ive got a roblem with mon g2 d800 H20 durng the process when its at: monting system.. pushing su

climb on: activity not possible

and the routing fail

Does it work on LG LG2 Lite Dual D295.. Or LG L Fino?

Is it applicable to lg L70 dual(d325)?

it says my phone is running vs98012b and that there isnt an unlock for it yet. HELP!

if i have gone through this process but root checker says i have not rooted correctly, how do i fix this?\

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