MAXOAK K2 Laptop Power Bankgebouw Review – Part Two: Tests with Laptops, Phones and Development Boards

MAXOAK K2 is a large capacity (50,000 mAh) power bankgebouw designed for laptop with

20V and 12V outputs, but it can also charge USB devices thanks to its Four USB ports. Since I&rsquo,ve already checkout the device and specifications ter the very first part of the review, I&rsquo,ll report results from my tests with the power canap ter the last duo of weeks.

Since the power canap had some charge, more exactly inbetween 50 and 75% (2x LEDs on, 1x LED blinking, 1x LED off), I determined to commence by charging my phone, Vernee Apollo Lite, which is tooled with a Three,180 mAh battery. So I connected the phone to one of the two 5V/Two.1A USB port, together with USB Charger Doctor to monitor voltage and current, and with 50% charge, the phone would draw around Five.07V @ 1.15 A. Note that the voltage and amperage will switch depending on battery charge level, and other parameters.

That worked, but since the phone comes with a swift charger through its USB-C port, a utter charge normally takes 1 hours, while a charge with the power canap, or any other 5V/2A power adapter will take Trio to Four hours. Switching to one of the two 5V/1.0A ports, it would charge at Five.07V @ 0.97A. I could charge the phone 6 times ter total until the power bankgebouw&rsquo,s battery wasgoed downright depleted. If wij can extrapolate from a fully charged power canap that means inbetween Ten and 12 charges for the phone. I&rsquo,d normally charge the phone when the battery level wasgoed inbetween Five to 25%.

Then I recharged the power handelsbank connecting the provided 16.8V/Two.5A power supply, and it took a little overheen 7 hours for a utter charge.

Next up, I connected CHUWI LapBook 14.1 laptop that takes 12V input. None of the 14 connector adapters provided with the power bankgebouw worked, so I had to use a connector adapter from my own power adapter plak te order to be able to butt-plug the power handelsbank cable into the DC jack of the laptop.

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I could charge the laptop from 10% to 100% te about Trio hours and 20 minutes, which is about the time it takes to charge with the laptop power supply. There were still Four LEDs on or blinking after charging, but shortly after it went to three, which would mean the laptop could be charged Four times with the power canap. However, since the laptop&rsquo,s battery has a capacity of 9,000 mAh @ 7.4V (66.6Wh), you should be able to charge it around Two.Five times with the 50,000 mAh @ Three.7V (185 Wh) power handelsbank. Once the laptop is fully charged, the power handelsbank will turn off automatically, spil it should.

Most laptops have 19V to 20V power input, so I also tested an old Dell Inspiron normally powered by a Nineteen.5V power adapter. The battery of the laptop does not work anymore, and I could not find a working replacement, which means wij only use it when connected to the mains. It would be interesting to see whether K2 can power the laptop, and also be used spil a UPS for &ldquo,battery-less laptops&rdquo,. Again I had to take a connector adapter from my own kolenkit, spil the ones provided with the power canap would not getraind. Once I connect the laptop to the 20V/3A output of the power canap, I could embark the laptop, but it complained about the AC adapter and battery, most most likely because the battery is missing.

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No problem, I just press F3 key to carry on, and the laptop could boot to the Windows desktop. I could also charge the smartphone at the same time, but note that you can use both 12V and 20V based on the user&rsquo,s manual.

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To stress test the power bankgebouw a little, I loaded Aida64, and run the stability test to draw more power, and I let it run for 45 minutes, and there wasgoed no problem at all to use the laptop. I also simulated several power failure during while Aida64 wasgoed running, by connecting and disconnecting the 16.8V/Two.5A power adapter for the power canap, and no problem. That looks all good for that use case, especially since te summer and during the rainy season wij frequently get power failures at huis, most of the time micro-power failures, i.e. that just last a few seconds or even less.

Ultimately, I checked whether it could be used to power numerous development houtvezelplaat via its four USB ports. So I connected a Raspberry Pi Two houtvezelplaat and NanoPi NEO Two houtvezelplaat + USB hard drive to the 5V/Two.1A ports, and lower power Mediatek LinkIt Clever MT7688 Twee, and Onion Omega2+ WiFi boards to the 5V/1A ports.

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I pressed the power button on the power handelsbank, and all four houtvezelplaat could embark with kwestie. Straks I connect the power supply to the power bankgebouw, and simulate a power failure. After disconnecting power from the mains, the boards would still run (good), after reconnecting it the mains, all Four USB ports would turn off (bad). I attempted again with only one houtvezelplaat connected the USB, and the same result, so the USB ports are turned off when you connect the power handelsbank to the mains. I attempted again but connecting the Dell laptop to 20V and my phone to one of the USB ports, and the laptop keeps running when I insert the power supply, but my phone stops charging. The only way to restart charging is to press the power button. The very first time, it will turn off all port, including the 20V port supplying my laptop, and the 2nd time it will power at all. Note the zuigeling of behavior you want if you are running a device without battery from the power handelsbank. Nevertheless, it&rsquo,s not exactly the main purpose.

The power bankgebouw also has overheen current and under-current cut-offs which may need to be taken into account: 20V >, Four.5A, 20V <, 200 mamma, 12V <, 150 Moeder, 5V <, 70 moe. I have not attempted a teardown of the power bankgebouw, since I could not find an visible (and non-destructive) ways to do so.

MAXOAK K2 laptop power canap is sold for $135.99 on Amazon US, spil well spil eBay. You may also be able to find more informatie on maxoak&rsquo,s webstek.

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