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Form Color: Black Material: : Interface: Trio.5mm Sensitivity: :

Original Price: RUB151,48

Form Color: Crimson Material: :

Original Price: RUB1232,91

Original Price: RUB370,00

Form Color: White Monster: SA-106 Quantity: 1 chunk Material: Six pack Form Factor: mSATA , Two.Five” Interface: eSATA Powered By: IDE Supports Max. Capacity: 2TB Slot: IDE Slot Number: 1 Max Sequential Read: 100M Max Sequential Write: 50M

Original Price: RUB831,25

mini laptop Customers Reviews

posted by emayoral

* Just works, no problems ter Windows and linux

* Has scroll wheel

* Very klein to carry around on your laptop bag.

May also be a good idea for children or people with Truly petite mitts.

posted by justbeachin

It looks to be very well made and sturdy. I believe it would be very difficult to pauze.

The sensitivity is excellent, I don’t have to talk noisy, and I can determine no audible distortion. Very very Nice for the Price!

posted by Kala2

posted by Rumlin

posted by Andrej86


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