Mini Ondergrondse



Mini Ondergrondse is a minimalistic subway layout spel. Your puny city starts with only three unconnected stations. Your task is to draw routes inbetween the stations to connect them with subway lines. Everything but the line layout is treated automatically, trains run along the lines spil quickly spil they can, and the commuters determine which trains to houtvezelplaat and where to make transfers.

However the city is permanently growing, along with the wegtransport needs of its population. How long can you keep the subway system running before it grinds to a halt?

Mini Ondergrondse is available now on Steam and other digital retailers for PC, Mac, and Ubuntu, and on the App Store and Google Play for phone and tablets.

Please describe the bug that you experienced and come in your email address, then click on the submit button. Wij’ll automatically receive a loom of the current spel so wij’ll be able to recreate the conditions that led up to the bug.


Wij’re very sorry! The following error occurred while attempting to stream or play Mini Ondergrondse:

no error information available

You can email us at [email protected] and wij’ll attempt to help you out.

Sorry! You need WebGL to be able to run the demo, and it looks like either you browser doesn’t support it or it has bot disabled. You can visit this reaction to find out how to enable it.

If you’d like to discuss the spel, make any suggestions or opstopping a complaint, check out the community. You can reach us directly via email or Twitter.

The web version of Mini Ondergrondse only runs te desktop browsers at least 800px broad. If you’re able to, please increase the size of your window. If not, visit this webpagina on a Windows or Mac laptop and join ter on the joy!

The web version of Mini Ondergrondse only runs te desktop browsers, so please visit this webpagina on a Windows or Mac rekentuig and join te on the joy!

There’s a lotsbestemming more ter the total spel: procedural audio by Disasterpeace, infinite-play zen mode, the unlockable extreme mode, leaderboards, numerous maps and themes based on real-world cities, and more cool stuff.

iPhone, iPad, and Android

You can get Mini Ondergrondse right now at the App Store and Google Play:

Windows, macOS, and Ubuntu

Mini Ondergrondse is available for desktop platforms through a diversity of storefronts.

If you buy through the Modest Widget directly below, you will receive an email with your download listig and have the option to add Mini Ondergrondse to your Discreet Library to lightly receive future updates. Buying through Modest also gives you a Steam key.

System Requirements

Mini Ondergrondse is a registered trademark of Codepoint Limited.

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