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Good day, dear readers of my blog! Today I determined to share with you the secrets of promoting your webpagina te search engines, writing unique articles to your blog, it is SEO-copywriting!

It has long bot no secret that search engines google and yandex, advanced into the top SERPs blogs packed with unique material (do not copy-paste from similar sites by category). It turns out that many fresh bloggers make the largest mistake – make from your blog a accomplish WAN (bad webpagina), packing it is not unique articles from other sites or by using the program for mangling text – this will make the text a unique but search engines are already well it distinguishes and quickly banyat such sites of issuance. What do you ask where to get materials for the webpagina? The response is demonstrable – to write all the articles to your blog yourself, order a unique material ter the articles or make exchanges rewrite articles with similar topics blogs! Many will say that they had seen websites jammed with copy-paste, and thus they can be more than 100 visitors a day. I can tell you that those sites are, but he fails to find or even leave under the filterzakje AGS and this is bad, because the display of your blog under the filterzakje is no longer real, and your webpagina is fated to abruptly arrived. Well, let’s see how to promote your blog with articles and what is SEO-copywriting.

Writing unique articles.

Today, I consider myself persuaded that promote their blogs with unique articles is the most effective method, and it is undoubtedly worth your effort. It is very significant that your article wasgoed SEO content for your key words, a unique article is not yet the right and 100% usable. If you have a blog on the earnings on the Internet, and you write an article about the kangaroo, it will help you a little and did not bring on your blog audience. The article should be written so that it would be were the key questions for your subject matter and you want to attract visitors to your blog. A good peak if you use WordPress, install the plugin Yoast WordPress SEO, is a very good device that helps you to fix all seoshnyh error te your articles. Attempt to write an article for yourself, think about what you could share with your readers and write about it, let the day pass, and then re-read your article and edit, for sure it will be that switch. If you believe that they themselves can not think of anything, use any rewrite the article. Find something interesting and rewrite the story te your own words.

Today I will tell you about SEO-promotion of your blog with the help of articles!

I determined to tell their readers about the methods to promote your webpagina using SEO writing articles.

Te the above example, I displayed you how to do some rewriting articles, do it little by little by paragraphs. Just after the time it is desirable to once again view the written, to identify errors and stupidities committed te writing.

Check the uniqueness of the text

To check the uniqueness of the text, on the Internet, there are many online services that will be able to find you through their search it is not so difficult. Personally, I use the program to check Advego Plagiatus. You can download it on the webpagina Advego, it’s free. It has a quick scan and deep analysis. The program checks your text on the uniqueness and plagiarism te all known Internet search engines. Personally, I recommend promoting your blog with unique articles at least 93%. Such an outcome would be very beneficial to your blog and people will be interested to read your content. Well, at the end of, I want to tell you about another method of production of material for your webstek or blog.

Exchange articles – pack your blog on the machine!

For the lazy or those who already do not have time to write articles yourself, exchange articles exist. Thesis same exchange, will help you pack your blog with unique articles and help you promote to the search engines of your individual webstek. I worked and bought one of the oldest stock exchanges articles, textsale. There you can either sell your articles to bloggers, or buy them on your blog. And the service is fully automated and can pack your webpagina with unique articles automatically! And this is not to save a little time. But I still like to view the article ter palm, so spil not to buy a entire bunch of unnecessary stuff.

Ter general, if the right to pack your webstek or blog, publish it only original articles such spil this, your blog will be indexed quickly attains its readers and will soon fall into the tops on your requests. I hope my article you like, and you understand how to promote your blog is through articles. If you do not know how to quickly create a blog, be sure to read the article how to choose a hosting and quickly create your own blog on WordPress.

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And now I determined to voorstelling you how my method of SEO-promotion blog on WordPress. 15 minutes ago, I wrote an article how to get a domain name with a unique 97% and this is the result after Five minutes te the Google index at the top positions.

Promote your blog articles, SEO-optimization

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