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Ter the heart of Fresh Kingston is The Employers’ Centre, located at the Jamaica Employers’ Federation, 2A Ruthven Road Kingston Ten. With sophisticated and contemporary facilities, The Employers’ Centre caters to all your corporate needs, with its warm and inviting ambience. Ideal event venue for meetings, retreats, conferences, banquets, relieving and much more. Secure parking facilities available.

Conference Rooms

The Employers’ Centre offers a suite of meeting rooms volmaakt for executive meetings, puny groups and conferences. All meeting rooms are tooled with state of the kunst training equipment and aids. Wireless internet connectivity and LCD, Movie and Multimedia Projectors also available. Technical services personnel will be on mitt to assist you with all your needs. Administrative and support services are accessible at our Documentation Centre. Catering is also available.

The Success Slagroom

The Success Slagroom is ideal for training or large meetings.

The Innovators Slagroom

Specifically caters for smaller meetings and training sessions.

The George Phillip Slagroom

Seats 20 persons ter a boardroom setting and caters more specifically to executive level training or retreats.

The Mini Conference Rooms

Our mini conference rooms provide an intimate setting for your smaller scale meetings. There is a choice of three, depending on your varied requirements:

The Humming Slagroom

The Humming Slagroom seats 7 and caters to those petite intimate meetings.

The JAMBIC Slagroom

Te collaboration with the Jamaica Business Development Centre (JBDC), JEF houses a JBDC satellite office which hosts training sessions for potential and budding entrepreneurs. JAMBIC offers video-conferencing through SKYPE, Computer-based Training and E-Information on business best practices.

The E-Room

A fully tooled rekentuig laboratorium with access to Five in-house laptop terminals. Outfitted with extra ports to cater to 11 extra laptops with a total seating capacity of 16. The laboratorium features a client server proefje indeling with Windows Server 2003 and workstations with Windows XP Professional all networked with structured cabling. The facility also offers a dedicated printer practice sessions and role plays. This slagroom is ideal for training fresh employees

or introducing fresh applications to system users. Services can be further extended to provide you with a dedicated laboratorium technician who can assist during the sessions planned. The E-Room, JEF’s technological innovation.

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