What can you do with Bitcoin ter Latvia?

While Latvia is not exactly known for its cheap electro-stimulation, there are te fact people who mine Bitcoin and related currencies hereabouts.

LTV met a youthful man ter a Riga working-class neighborhood. He has turned his apartment ter an old khrushchyovka into a Zcash mine. It is a cryptocurrency separate from but related to Bitcoin.

He doesn’t want to delve into detail about his private life, but says he has three mining computers he bought for about &euro,Ten,000. He said he pays &euro,300 ter electrical play each month, and that he would like to install another pc but that his power line does not permit it.

He says he exchanges the Zcash he has mined to Bitcoin and then cashes it te.

“I earn about &euro,2000 a month on the average,” he says. His income is tied to the fluctuations te the cryptocurrency market.

The Capital hardware company says rente into so-called mining hardware is fairly high. “It is, however, dependent on the price indexes te the cryptocurrency market. But basically the rente is unceasing. Wij’ve got orders to pack all the time,” says Capital representative Aigars Bē,rziņ,&scaron,.

Such computers embark at &euro,1,700 apiece, he says.

But what can you get for your coin here te Latvia?

Spil reported, back ter 2014 airBaltic became the very first airline te the world to sell tickets for Bitcoin. The company does not assume any risk itself, spil it employs an intermediary for converting Bitcoin to contant and then paying euros into airBaltic’s coffers.

Meantime there are cars being sold for Bitcoin on the ss.lv classifieds webstek, while the city.lv real estate webstek sells housing for the cryptocurrency.

“Wij had a client, an possessor of immovable property, who desired to sell it. He desired to sell it specifically for cryptocurrency.. There wasgoed rente from several potential client, but the overeenkomst hasn’t gone through,” said Vestards Rozenbergs of the Baltic Sotheby’s International Realty.

The Rī,gas fasā,des construction company has also claimed it accepts Bitcoin, but its head Ivars Sveile told LTV it’s more of a marketing strategy and, while there are presently no Bitcoin buyers, the company would use conversion services such ter the case of airBaltic if Bitcoin-savvy clients were to show up.

While the Bitcoin blockchain technology company BitFury, founded by several Riga residents ter 2011, is presently worth approximately $400 million, the company said late last year.

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