Windows Ten HDMI Connection Intel Graphics Punt – Asus Laptop

I have updated to windows Ten from 7 and I am having the next punt:

When I connect my HDMI cabble to the laptop,

the Notebook doesn’t recognize the 2nd screen(TV)

I noticed the kwestie occurs because of the Intel driver.

When I Uninstall ",Intel(R) HD Graphics 3000",,

The Notebook recognizes the 2nd screen using Nvidia GeForce Driver.

Notebook: Asus N55SF

Operation System: Windows Ten

Display adapters: ",Gefore GT 555M", &, ",Intel(R) HD Graphics 3000",

Is this a good question?

you just need to update the graphics driver visit asus and see if that solves the kwestie .

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Sorry for my english te advance,

I searched a loterijlot for a solution since i suffered from the same kwestie,

nothing helped but with some experiments the following plain steps solved my problem (intel hd 3000 on 2nd gen which they say is not supported any more):

1. Connect the HDMI cable to the TV.

Two. Device Manager->, Display adapters

Trio. Right click on ",Intel(R) HD Graphics xxxx", (Your graphic card) and disable.

Four. Right click again and enable.

Thats it! don’t be skeptic (-:

after attempting too many drivers unsuccessfully, i wasgoed suprised how elementary wasgoed that.

Note: You need to repeat those steps everytime you connect your laptop to the TV

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Miraculous! I’ll come back if it needs to be done more than once!

I swear you are my aker :’D !!

I’ve bot searching for a fix for this punt for innumerable hours (or at least since windows Ten last annoying update -not that any of them isn’t annoying- ) and wasgoed sadly coming to a dead point (upgraded and downgraded the drivers, adjusted display’s resolution and settings, switched the cable, turned things on and off a million times and even attempted the cable and tv on a different laptop -where they worked with no trouble-)

I wasgoed indeed providing up and then all of a sudden this worked like magic!

Thank you sooooo much ! <,Three

when u disable the driver screen goes black how can i click enable again when i cant see xD

Thank you for saving mij from pulling my hair out, the world needs more people like you!

I’m glad I wasgoed able to help you guys.

When you’re disabling your display adapter the system switches to the generic windows driver which has awful resolution but yet it is good enough to let you enable your display adapter.

Very first check if your intel hd drivers are installed decently then go after my instructions.

I did this and my rekentuig screen went black. DON’T DO THIS.. It took out my comp and I couldn’t get the screen back ( bye bye comp ) so I thought. Here is how I stationary it ( ter case you go ahead and attempt this heartbreak fix anyway). If your laptop has a VGA output. You have to use the VGA output to a seperate monitor connected to your laptop and redo your installation from the separate monitor. If your laptop does not have a VGA output and / or you don’t have a separate monitor to reconfigure your settings. DON’T Attempt THIS.

Didn’t work. I’ve had my laptop for Three years and I had thought it wasgoed just my HDMI port that wasgoed violated, but now I see that others have this too. If any can help?

Hi, truly thanks a lotsbestemming for sharing this step by step tutorial. I’ve attempted so many method and also brought my cable/adapter to the shop to exchange, yet it still not solved the issues, ultimately I followed this step, it is very simply, problem solved.

I too had attempted everything but please read my comment at the bottom spil this has immovable my problem.

Thank you, master! I wasted many hours attempting to figure this out Your solution worked!

omg thank you so much!! i wasted like 1 hour attempting to install drivers and futile crap but this truly did it!! what a miracle i will be doing a movie spil soon spil i wake up next morning because its like 12 pm cuz i wasted so much time!!

This saved mij!! I attempted so many other rebooting methods and nothing worked. This wasgoed so plain and worked instantly! Thank you.

Thank you so much. i attempted everything until I came across your postbode. This indeed helped mij and now my hdmi works like a rocket. Heerser bless !!

i had similar problems.

there are a duo of brands who have problems with windows Ten ( from win 7 to Ten )

did you attempted to instal the newest drivers of intel hd graphics from the servers from intel?

attempt that and let us know

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for mij it wasgoed about uninstalling the card and then finding the good driver. I attempted many so cannot point for a particular solution, but here are my steps (accessed my devices using devmgmt.msc ter the Run directive):

  • I uninstalled (right-click ->, uninstall) the Intel HD card.
  • I downloaded and ran Intel’s Driver Update Utility.
  • I attempted many many different drivers that I could find on Intel’s Download Center, the one that worked for mij is `win64_153338.exe`, that you can find here. You might also want to attempt this one.

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I had the same kwestie with the same Graphics card. After a few days of trial and error. Here’s what worked for mij.

Power off your laptop and keep it unplugged

Take out the battery

Hold the power button down for about 20 seconds

Cork back ter the wall and/or waterput battery back ter

Buttplug ter the Hdmi to your laptop

Power on your laptop

Your pc from this point may search and find the driver to run the Hdmi , mine did. Hope it works for you.

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I have attempted everything suggested above and no luck! Any more suggestions. I have an Asus UL50 VT

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Just to let every know I have bot having the same problem when connected laptop to TV. The only thing that has worked is Device Manager, right click Intel 300 etc and waterput disable, then enable. It is so ditzy but at least it works.

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Another peak. My TV is a Samsung 50inch and it has an punt with HDMI power down. A solution is to turn TV off (from mains) and turn laptop off. Turn TV on, go to HDMI where you have connected to laptop.

Now turn on PC connected to TV with HDMI and that should solve most problems other than graphic driver.

Just to reply to my previous comment above I have found a successful working solution to this problem. The problem wasgoed ter attempting to update to the latest Intel graphics driver. The fix wasgoed to go to my laptops monster number drivers repository (for example A54C and install the driver from there.

for example VGA driver from.

Also suggest to update BIOS. This has immovable all the issues I had bot having around 2-3 months.

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My Laptop proefje is ‘VAIO VPCZ11MGX/X’ since updated to WIN Ten ,64 bit , have the same problem for using HDMI connection .

Please note using the your trick (Disable &, Enable device on the Intel (R) HD Graphic ) but still not working .

My Graphic Processor is NVIDIA GeForce GT330M GPU and mobile intel Graphics Media Accelerator HD with total Available Graphic Memory :2560MB.

Please consider when installed NVIDIA driver for WIN 10- 64 bit , driver will send a message which not compatible hardware !!

and te the final on the device manager -Display adaptor only see an Microsoft Basic Display Adaptor with yellow attention sign .

Thanks ter advance for any help and advice .

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